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Matthias Hupe

General Manager


Working at Layer2 since 2006, Matthias gained many years of practical experience as a developer and consultant. Today, Matthias is General Manager and co-owner of the Layer 2 GmbH and responsible for strategy and growth of the two brands Layer2 leading solutions and Layer2 collaboration works.

Rating and awards


Forrester and Gartner Ratings

Forrester Research as well as Gartner Research have rated Layer2 Products in their studies.

Top 100 publisher since years

Layer2 has been rated as Top 100 Publisher at Component Source since years.

SMB Innovation Award 2017

The Layer2 Cloud Connector receives the German SMB IT Innovation Award in the category of Cloud Computing.

Numbers prove our success

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750,000+ Users

Layer2 Users all over the world take advantage from connected and up-to-date data sets and documents in their clouds every day.

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2,000+ Clients

The world's largest enterprises and organizations, but also SMBs, trust Layer2 Products to manage their business critical data integration. Find clients in your industry here.

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200+ Regional Partners

Find certified regional Layer2 Gold and Silver Partners by country to help you with purchasing licenses, software implementation, and product support.


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