Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite V3 for SharePoint

​SharePoint Knowledge Management: The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint Server 2010 / 2013 / 2016 makes it simple to centrally manage metadata, to classify content and to use content classification for knowledge browsing, navigation, content discovery, and search. See below for more detailed features and benefits.

Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint - Features

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint has the following features and benefits:
  • 100%-based on the Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise Metadata Management API.
  • Taxonomy Manager: Advanced features to manage the SharePoint Term Store including import, export, update, and deployment. Support for several formats, including SKOS. Additional Managed Metadata properties (e.g. classification rules).
  • Tag Suggester: When manually tagging items or documents with enterprise metadata, a tag suggestion list based on given Term Sets (taxonomies), classification rules, item properties, context, and document content is displayed.
  • Auto Tagger: Classifies items and documents automatically in background without any user interaction by assigning Managed Metadata. The content classification is based on given Term Sets (taxonomies), classification rules, item properties, context and document content. Offers high quality subject classification using a high performance Microsoft .NET Framework-based rule engine. Installed IFilters are used automatically, e.g. for Word and PDF. New in V3: Bulk tagging for lists and libraries, e.g. after migration. Fast automatic tagging during document file upload. 
  • Tag Navigation Web Part: Harvests the value of content classification by using the SharePoint Managed Metadata taxonomy tree directly for content discovery and navigation. Flexible link building, e.g. link to the Hashtag Profile page or directly to the Term ID search result list. It optionally displays additional information, e.g. term descriptions. Template-based design.
  • Tag Directory Web Part: Renders the SharePoint Managed Metadata taxonomy tree as flat A-Z term directory index for content discovery and navigation (like a glossary).
  • Tag Cloud Web Part: Navigate the content by its importance using a familiar taxonomy-based tag cloud.
  • Related Content Web Part: Automatically displays related content in a given context using Managed Metadata based tagging.

For more detailed list of features and benefits, please click the links to specific components in the left-hand navigation pane.

Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint - Next Steps

​​Please register at the top of the page to download and evaluate the Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint. To request a web meeting, please use the contact form or email [email protected] directly.

You will receive a personal download link which contains the whole Knowledge Management Suite. Unzip the distribution and run the provided installation files (*.exe) for each component as administrator. For more detailed information, see the specific component's product page.

For SharePoint 2010 / 2013 / 2016 Knowledge Management and Social Networking prerequisites see here. Please use the Installation Checker provided to check prerequisites and dependencies.

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Portiva is a leading portal development and implementation partner based in the Netherlands. With the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint we are able to really leverage the use of the SharePoint Managed Metadata functionality for our clients.


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For more information about licensing please check FAQs or contact [email protected] directly.

Frank Daske

Frank Daske

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Please note that the 011 exit code must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA, Canada and Australia.

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