Azure BlobS Data Integration

Azure Blob data can be integrated and synchronized codeless with various external systems using the Layer2 File Pal.


Learn on this page how the data integration of Azure Blob Storage works with the Layer2 File Pal. Make use of the benefits and features of this data integration tool by trying it out yourself: Free Trial Registration


In order to connect to Azure BLOBs, you need the following information:
Account Name, Account Key, Endpoint Suffix, Container Name. 

You only need to do the following steps to get your Azure Blob Storage data integration started. 

 1. Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

Open the Azure Portal, select the desired Azure Storage account and under the settings click Access keys. With Show on the right side of your screen, you can reveal the Connection strings that include Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix.

Copy one of the revealed connection strings and paste it in a local file so that you can copy the values from there into the configuration screen. 



Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

2. Container Name

Now you must select the storage container where you will get the files from. Please go to your Storage account, find the Blob Service area and select Containers. Once there, please copy the container name that Layer2 File Pal should be working with. 



Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

3. Open your Layer2 File Pal to Create a new connection WITH Azure BLOBs

After you copied the information you can open your Layer2 File Pal and click NEW CONNECTION.



Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

4. Give Your connection a Name and choose azure Blobs

Choose your first system (Azure BLOBs, on the left side of your screen). 



Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

5. Configure Azure BLOBs using the retrieved values

Enter the requested information. After you copied the information into the configuration view, it should look like this (note, that the Account Key is masked):



Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix


On the right side of your screen you can choose the system you want to sync to Azure BLOBs. Pick and configure the sytem you want to sync and click DONE. Here is your connection!



Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix



Safe & Secure

You maintain full control over your data. Layer2 File Pal uses default protocols for authentication and data transfer like OAuth and https. It runs on your servers and we do not collect any information about the data you are syncing.


Connectors for all common file systems

Synchronize one time, manually or automatically! Layer2 File Pal comes with 10+ connectors for all common file systems like Windows File Server, SharePoint, Teams, Azure Files, FTP, Google, Dropbox, ... And we'll continue to add more systems. 


Easy & cost effective

Register, download, setup, connect, sync – done! No hidden costs or content limitations: sync as many files or gigabytes as you need! Create multiple connections for departments, use cases or external systems. Everything included in your annual subscription.


Layer2 File Pal

Full License


annual subscription (excl. VAT)

  • Layer2 File Pal license with unlimited number of connections and amount of items (depending on configuration)
  • Licensing per installation, not bound to any specific connected system, site, tenant or user
  • Version upgrades and new features included
  • All Layer2 File Providers included out-of-the-box
  • License transfer to another server allowed

Layer2 File Pal

One hour prepaid support


for one hour support (excl. VAT)

  • Technical support, training and consulting with one of our in-house experts

  • Setup support

  • Best-practices advice

  • POC (proof of concept)

  • You can book the support hour together with the purchase of the Layer2 File Pal license or separately

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