Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd.

PDK has the skills and expertise to transform the way you use information in your business. These skills are from multiple disciplines and based on years of practical experience and hard work, so PDK knows the best way to organise your IT systems. The custom designed systems will help make you and your team more productive and get your data generating useful information.

PDK is a Dell Channel Partner which enables them to deliver high quality solutions, utilising the best of breed Dell technologies, and their staff have extensive experience building and implementing these fully integrated solutions. PDK is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, allowing them to provide their customers with extensive product knowledge and support on Microsoft technologies, and how to best utilise these resources to maximise productivity and workflow to ensure peak performance for your company.
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Layer 2 Solutions provides excellent tools for connecting datasets… Office 365 allowing for an agile work force that can access data in real-time and connect the businesses and customers in a rapid fashion.

James Howell, CEO, PDK


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James Howell

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Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd.
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