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At Redfox Corporation, we are committed to providing the latest cutting edge technology whilst adopting cost saving strategies for businesses around the Mackay region. Established in 1994, Redfox has become the go to technology service provider for critical IT business solutions. We strongly believe in ensuring we are providing the best possible IT solutions to our clients. We thoroughly investigate various technologies to ensure we are always presenting reliable products and services to our clients in a way which will assist them to improve their overall productivity and profitability.

At Redfox our most valued asset is our people and we recognise that our success comes from the experience, dedication, and reactivity that our team brings when providing cutting edge solutions. With the explosion of cloud business (Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint in particular), Redfox relies on 3rd party solution providers such as Layer2 more than ever to provide cutting edge products.
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Layer2’s unique products such as Cloud Connector, Business Data List Connector, and Knowledge Management Suite are pivotal in designing and delivering the end to end solutions that our clients are well accustomed to Redfox providing.

Stacey Cornick, Internal Account Manager, Redfox Corporation Pty Ltd


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