2toLead has been named a generous Microsoft consulting company by customers. 2toLead employs trusted, passionate and experienced consultants who work hard to solve the most challenging business and technology problems that face our clients. As a pro-active Microsoft partner 2toLead works closely with the Microsoft account, sales, and product teams to help Microsoft customers better deploy, adopt and manage their technology. We work hard to support Microsoft and sometimes we speak, or keynote their conferences and events.
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Layer2 makes connectivity and integration between SharePoint and many business critical platforms easy, and they do it at an incredibly low cost.

Richard Harbridge, Chief Technology Officer, 2toLead

The top 3 ways we help customers

1. INCREASE ADOPTION by going far beyond just deploying things right and ensure your organization is being pro-active in getting the maximum value out of your technology investments.

2. LEVERAGE THE CLOUD to reduce costs, improve business agility and capabilities inside and outside of your organization by leveraging cloud technology like Office 365 and Azure.

3. IMPROVE EXPERIENCES & ENGAGEMENT by understanding where, how, and why users interact with your business while building world-class portals, social networks and websites that your customers, partners and users love.

We are excited to be a partner of Layer2 so that we can better service our combined customers.


Contact person:
Richard Harbridge

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