E4D Ltd. specializes in technologies, products, and instruments developed by Microsoft. E4D offers IT companies and R&D bodies help in finding quality solutions by Microsoft and applying them, while relying on its knowledge and experience and addressing the unique needs of each client.

Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been actively involved in providing consultation, development, and training services in Microsoft technologies, which resulted into our high level of expertise. Over this period, the company developed work methods and databases based on Microsoft platforms that have long proven themselves effective.

The force behind our achievements is dozens of senior IT experts that work for the company. All our experts have been duly certified by Microsoft, are highly proficient with a wide range of instruments, platforms, and technologies, and possess vast experience in their application.

The guiding work principles of our company's staff are minimizing risks for our clients, presenting all the information required for decision making, reducing the development period, and cutting down costs. Therefore, our experts are always keeping up with any innovations or changes in different Microsoft platforms, which they study in-depth before presenting them to the clients.
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The Layer2 Cloud Connector helps us to add value to the Microsoft Cloud offerings and create business solutions for E4D customers with seamless external data integration.

Idan Goldshlager, CEO, E4D Solutions LTD


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