We are closely aligned with Microsoft to draw from the wealth of their resources, knowledge and experience. We derive - and pass on to you - huge solution-specific benefits available only to Microsoft Gold partners. Let us build your SharePoint Server, or server farm, and keep it up-to-date with our proactive maintenance and support. We also supply an incredible suite of apps to quickly get more from SharePoint. After launch, we’ll manage your SharePoint and provide support and troubleshooting. We don’t stop there because we know it can be overwhelming and hard to get maximum value. We make using SharePoint as simple as possible, useful for mobile workers, and develop apps with real business value.
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We tried your Cloud Connector and are very impressed with it's ease of setup and the many data sources that can be used with the tool. We suggested it to a client who loves it.

Ed Grossman, SP Solutions Architect, SimplePortals


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