We are currently developing a web-application to make data sync and integration even more comfortable and easy for everyone. Layer2 Smoove will allow you to sync your data  from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint. From anywhere and at any time. Without any IT knowledge!


Before we ramble on: let's get to know it!



Brand new design

A modern and intuitive user interface for a comfortable and easy way to smoove.

From anywhere at anytime

As web-based application there is no need for installation. Just log in and sync your data!

Easy connection

Click, click, click - done! No IT-knowledge, no programming, no coding needed.

Safety first

Layer2 Smoove is hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud in Europe. We comply with the EU's Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The tool offers expandable options for the integration of new features and more functions. 


Take the full advantage of cloud services to future-proof your business, improve your business agility and avoid potentially expensive mistakes.

what you can expect

Layer2 Smoove will be offered in the first place as free beta version with restricted features. 


In the first place you can set up one connection per account. You can delete this connection and configure a new one.


Synchronize up to 5k items one-way from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint.


You could sync manually up to 60 times per hour. That means 1440 times per day! Theoretically...


Layer2 Smoove will work only with Google Chrome - during the beta phase.

How it works

Layer2 Smoove is as easy as childsplay. Let's get started!




Check out our getting started video or just follow the steps below.


Step 1


Start by configuring your first system. Click on the system to the left and enter your site URL. You'll be asked to log in to your account and to accept the authorization. Then select the entity and if you want the view name you would like to sync.

Step 2


As you finished the first system connection you continue with the second one on the right side. Same procedure as in step 1: click on the system, login, accept. Now you type in the name of the SharePoint list you want to create.


Step 3


Both sides are now set up and configured. Last but not least: smoove your data by clicking on the button in the middle! 

Are you ready to smoove?


The best software is useless without knowing your needs. And we want to know what might help you with your daily work.



To get there we need you and only 30 minutes of your time! We would like to ask you in a short and personal interview about your daily tasks, your role in the company and the tools you use.

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