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Taxonomy WebParts for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 … Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint … projects for portals based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013 technology. …
Date: 3/31/2015 Size: 51KB

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microsoft-teams-document-migration-backup-sync.aspx … For possible SharePoint restrictions, see Software Boundaries and Limits for SharePoint 2013 and Blocked File Types​.​ …
Date: 6/6/2017 Size: 66KB

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well-known list view threshold issue in SharePoint to manage document libraries with more than 5.000 items. By default SharePoint offers a manual content classification feature …
Date: 12/5/2016 Size: 66KB

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20131002_PR_EN_SharePoint_External_Data_Integration_Layer2.docx … with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 and also for SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Foundation or Server. You can register and …
Date: 10/2/2013 Size: 58KB

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sync Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010 / 2013 on-premises or Exchange Online contacts, tasks, calendar events, notes, email with SharePoint and almost any other data sources. …
Date: 10/11/2016 Size: 119KB

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Connections in SharePoint 2013 using ODBC need local administration permissions. All ODBC … BDLC will bring back the deleted end date. This is a SharePoint bug and not BDLC related. …
Date: 4/12/2016 Size: 50KB

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dialog closed itself after two minutes without user action in BDLC for SharePoint 2013. … that still exists with Microsoft SharePoint 2016 out-of-the-box external data integration …
Date: 8/3/2015 Size: 50KB

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SharePoint, activate, licensing … For earlier versions of SharePoint, it may be under: … restart. Finally, restart the Windows SharePoint Timer Service manually. Verify there are no …
Date: 10/11/2016 Size: 49KB

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​​You will find release notes of the Layer2 Cloud Connector V6.0.2 … The SharePoint provider now supports the field-type OutcomeChoice (for example used by some SharePoint 2013 workflows). …
Date: 9/27/2016 Size: 53KB

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Version with … was added as currently supported for SharePoint 2013. (e.g. & Char). Was for SharePoint 2010 only before. … The precondition checks of the SharePoint-Provider …
Date: 9/27/2016 Size: 106KB

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The Cloud Connector for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint 2010 is a great product to help integrate external data into your Office 365 apps. Try it out and you will see many uses for it.


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