New Systems and apps integrated with SharePoint

Many new systems, apps, and services are now supported by the Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint data integration. The connector keeps SharePoint lists in sync with pre-selected external data sets to make all SharePoint list features available, codeless and without any restrictions.  

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C4C Hybris

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Atlassian JIRA project data can be integrated with SharePoint via 3rd party data providers.


JSON Data Integration

Integrate your JSON Data with your SharePoint on-premise system.


Mimer SQL

Mimer SQL RDBMS can be integrated with SharePoint via its .NET data provider.




Pervasive PSQL

Pervasive can be connected to SharePoint using its own data provider.

sitefinity general data integration via layer2 solutions

Progress Sitefinity

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QuoteWerks® - a product by Aspire Technologies, Inc data can be integrated codeless with native SharePoint lists using the Layer2 Business Data List Connector via OleDb



Sage ERP/CRM data can be integrated via the SQL Server database.


Samanage ITSM

Samanage data can be pulled to SharePoint via Layer's XML data provider.

Logo sap hybris data integration Layer2

SAP C4C Hybris



SAS Data Management data sets can be connected to SharePoint via ODBC.



Twitter data can be connected to SharePoint via ODBC and 3rd party providers.​​​

Layer2’s solutions have been a critical component to the successful outcomes we continue to deliver to our customers. Their products help us to deliver highly integrated solutions at a fraction of the cost. Our customer’s couldn’t be happier with Layer2’s products.
Justin Mitchell, Consult2.Cloud
Layer2 Cloud Connector has simplified our system integration and improved data flow between Oracle HRMS and SharePoint User Profiles. We no longer wait for HR teams to send us any profile updates and this has reduced chaos and makes sure our SharePoint User Profiles are always up to date.
Mohamed Hanif, Chief Technology Officer, Novigo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Any time we need to sync back-end SQL data with SharePoint, Layer2 is our go-to solution. It saves us time and effort, and has proven to be reliable.
Eric Gregorich, Senior Solutions Architect, Abel Solutions
The ease of transitioning from File Server to SharePoint Online/On-Premise.The pricing is also attractive when compared to other similar tools in the market.
Adewale Johnson, Trogentech Technologies
Thanks to the SoSP expertise associated with the performance of Layer2 leading solutions, we get all the best from our SharePoint environment and offer the best service to our users.
Customer of Solutions pour Sharepoint
Layer 2 Cloud connector has allowed our I.T Department to synchronise specific local network folders to our new Sharepoint online without changing the way our in house staff work on a daily basis. It also cost a lot less than having to change the in house computers from local mapped drives to the onedrive sync client
James Peacock, Peacock Engineering Ltd
Layer2 - ihre Anbindung an O365.
Lorenz Müller, ProCus IT AG
The ease of use and reliability of Layer2 products have enabled us to provide our clients with sophisticated business workflows that combine the strengths of relational databases with the ease of use and configuration of Sharepoint forms and workflows.
Pierre Lafond, Holonics Inc.
Layer2 provides powerful and comprehensive software to make it easy to integrate third-party software. Their solutions are really robust!
Benjamin W. Schneider, Evolution Networks
Acclario IT is a professional services company based in Brisbane, focused within the space of business and technology. We help our clients enhance their organisational information processes, and online presence through our broad range of services and solutions in consulting, digital, data visualisation, and SharePoint. The Cloud Connector works as an exceptional extension to SharePoint providing autonomous synchronisation between all our data and files. It has proved time and time again to work great with data and file migration, backup or permanent two-way synchronisation.
Daniel Young, Acclario IT
Der Layer2 Cloud Connector ist ein echter Gewinn für die individuelle Benutzererfahrung. Er schafft es, die moderne Microsoft Umgebung und deren Anwendungen noch effektiver zu verbinden und zu nutzen. Bei unseren Kunden synchronisieren wir Listenspalten von einem SharePoint 2013 Server in die Datenfelder von Exchange-Postfächern. Der Cloud Connector bietet hierbei eine Vielzahl von Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und flexiblen Integrationsoptionen.
Dietmar Berberich, Consultant, acoris AG
Layer2 Cloud Connector is a great product which we use ourselves to move Gigs of data, accumulated over the years, onto our hosted platform. I strongly recommend this product to any customer facing data migration challenges.
Daniel Gombe, CEO, SOIT Business Solutions
Wir haben uns für den Layer2 Business Data List Connector entschieden, weil wir damit perfekt bei unseren Kunden Daten aus dem ERP System im Sharepoint veröffentlichen können.
Michael Kircher, Teamleiter Infrastruktur, it4e GmbH
With Layer2 Cloud Connector we finally find a really great solution for the challenges we had with document synchronization between local file servers and Office 365 services!
Richard Horvath, Core Systems Ltd.
Wir haben uns für den Cloud Connector entschieden, da uns dieser massgeblich bei der Umsetzung von Kundenprojekten mit Fokus Office 365 unterstützt.
Roger Stuker, Senior System Engineer, DV Bern AG
Layer2 Cloud Connector services and products have been adding value to our customers looking to move their infrastructure in the Cloud by offering a secure, efficient and reliable solution to connect business data and on premises applications with their Cloud environments. Cloud Connector offers the following benefits and key features: Easy to use add-on facilitating secure and codeless data Integration; Fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 OS and SharePoint Server 2016; Cloud to cloud connections including Azure, Salesforce, Google, XML are also supported; Licensing per installation meaning that no user CALs is required; Connects all supported systems directly with each other without using SharePoint or Office365.
Sarah Plans, AMJ IT
The necessity of integrating business data from various sources made us surveying the market for an out-of-the-box solution for resolving this challenging task. With the Layer2 Cloud Connector we found a reliable, flexible, easy to use and affordable tool ready to connect the outside world with Microsoft Sharepoint. Furthermore, the Layer2 Cloud Connector offers various cutting-edge connectivity features. Syncronizing data from different sources has become a very easy task. Convinced of the product, marima consult became a Layer2 partner and is proud to introduce this excellent program now to its customers.
Rolf Pommer, Geschäftsführer, Marima Consult GmbH
Layer2 Cloud Connector ist ein hervorragendes Werkzeug zum sichern von OneDrive Daten.
Dirk Grüdl, Geschäftsführer, DGRIT
We highly recommend Layer2 add-ons for any Sharepoint based integration.
Patrick Studart, Synesis International
​​The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint makes SharePoint external data integration very easy to setup and maintain. Makes us a local Layer2 partner in Poland since 2010.
Jacek Małaśnicki, EFFECT Sp.

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