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The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint is a must-have to better manage taxonomies in the SharePoint Term Store, to assign managed metadata to items and documents automatically via bulk-tagging or in real-time, and to improve SharePoint content discovery and search. Please take a look at features and benefits, use cases, or find answers to frequently asked questions by topic below.

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Without professional knowledge management, companies are losing potential, wasting resources, and acquiring unwanted competitive disadvantages. Why not using Microsoft SharePoint - not only for document management, collaboration and social networking - but for corporate knowledge management as well?

​The Layer2 Auto Tagger or Layer2 Tag Suggester can assign managed metadata automatically to SharePoint documents, including Adobe PDF, using IFilters. In some configurations there are issues with this. A step-by-step guide is given below to fix this issue.

The Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint encourage knowledge workers to take advantage of the SharePoint Collaborative Knowledge Management and Social Networking features by making it as easy as possible to manage taxonomy terms, to auto-classify content and to use assigned metadata for knowledge browsing, navigation, content discovery and search.

Bulk-tagging is a common task in SharePoint, especially after content migration, to classify content and assign appropriate managed metadata automatically to all documents and items of a library.

​The SharePoint list view threshold makes it almost impossible to navigate large SharePoint document libraries and lists (> 5.000 items) as usual using list views and filters. This gap can be closed by assigning managed metadata to items and documents automatically using the Layer2 Auto Tagger.

​These FAQs answer specific questions about the Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint product. For any questions please use the FAQ Web Form or contact [email protected] directly. You will find a version history of this solution with latest fixes and changes below.


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