Layer2 Related Content Web Part for SharePoint - Installation & Setup

The Layer2 Related Content Web Part for SharePoint displays related content automatically based on content categorization using centrally managed enterprise metadata and search. See below for installation and setup.

​Please enter the product folder in the distribution zip-file, run the installer (*.exe) and install or upgrade the product following the steps. Use the "Run as Admin" option of the context menu (right click). After successfully completed installation please activate this feature on site collection level as a site collection administrator.

Please be sure to run the installation checker for pre-considerations and dependencies.

The web part has the following settings:



Fig.: Layer2 Related Content Web Part for SharePoint configuration sample to display the top ten most relevant related items or documents

  • Tag Types to Search: Generally the web part is able to use social tags, terms (centrally managed in the term store) or both. Please select, which way to go.
  • Search Provider: The web part uses SharePoint search to find related content. You can specify any certain provider or leave blank for default.
  • Search Scope: The web part searches related content with defined scope, e.g. people only to display contact persons or specific documents for related documentation. Please select from the list of previously defined search scopes.
  • Terms: There are three different operation modes:

To display related content dynamically, please leave the terms / tags settings of the web part blank. In this case the terms assigned to the page that hosts the web part are used to retrieve the terms for the related content to display. Please note that the pages library needs to have one or more managed metadata columns in case terms are used. Pages can be automatically tagged as documents, e.g. in real-time during save using the Auto Tagger.

Alternatively you can select one or more defined terms from a given term set to display specific content, that is related to this selected terms (not to the page that hosts the web part).

Additionally you can combine your own selected tags with the tags that are set at the parent page. This gives you even more flexibility to display related content of a given category.


  • Matching Options: In case several terms are selected you have to select matching options to combine the terms, e.g. AND / OR.
  • Max Item Count: To display only a defined number of related content items, please enter maximal item count to display here.
  • Item Order: You can specify defined orders to display the items, e.g. by search result relevance, alphabetically by title or by creation date desc (to display the most current content).
  • XSLT settings: To completely adapt the output to your web site style enter XSLT formatting code here optionally.



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