Layer2 Tag Navigation Web Part for SharePoint - Features & Benefits

The Layer2 Tag Navigation Web Part for SharePoint displays taxonomies of managed metadata, terms, enterprise keywords or social tags right from the SharePoint term store as additional hierarchical, tree-style navigation. See below for features and benefits of the web part.

The Layer2 Tag Navigation Web Part for SharePoint offers the following features and benefits:


  • More efficient information access on SharePoint portals: The tag navigation offers an additional, systematic and multi-dimensional way of navigation, that makes it very easy and fast to find information for users, that don't know, where the information is originally located. Simply browse the content by organizational tree, by product groups, by services, by customers or locations. A great step forward for employee portals, extranets and corporate Internet sites.
  • Company-wide taxonomies help to build a common language: The web part could also be used as some kind of hierarchical glossary, very helpful for employees to find a common language and understanding in the enterprise.
  • Well-known navigation - no training required: Tree-style directories are very common and well-known. Users can work with this technique intuitively.
  • Helps to navigate libraries that have more than 5.000 items (list view threshold). 
  • No additional effort - Index is built automatically: The index is shown automatically as a result of tagging content using managed metadata. Starting nodes could be given from existing taxonomies. Tagging could be completely automatically with the Auto Tagger component.
  • Flexible design and linking: The web part comes with template-based output (XSLT). Additional information, such as title, ID, description, number of tagged items can be displayed. The tag can be linked to the tag profile as well as to the tagged content items and documents itself. You can setup a root node to start in the taxonomy tree. A usage count can be displayed for social tags.
  • 100% SharePoint Technology: The solution is completely based on the Enterprise Metadata Management API of SharePoint 2010 / 2013 / 2016.
  • Far beyond OOB features: The Web Part is not related to the SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box metadata navigation feature in any way. The OOB features requires a manual page assignment to each metadata term, but without to offer the benefits above.
  • Includes external content as well: You may also include any external data sources to tag and use with the SharePoint Knowledge Management and Social Networking features without any restrictions with the help of the Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint.


The Tag Navigation Web Part for SharePoint is available as part of the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint or, alternatively, as a separate component.

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