Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint - FAQs

The Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint offers a complete term life-cycle management application to efficiently import, update and export corporate taxonomies as term sets including additional custom term attributes, e.g. classification rules. See below for frequently asked questions.

Whats the limitation of the free Shareware Edition?

You can manage up to 25 terms only. While entering classification rules you have to wait a little time to for the dialog to open.


How the Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint is licensed?

Layer2 Taxonomy Manager is licensed on a per server base. A license is required for each SharePoint Web Front End Server (WFE). No additional user CALs are required. The license price is a one-time fee.


Is a license required for development servers?

For development you can generally use the free Shareware Edition, but please note the Shareware limitations (product specific). Otherwise non-production server  (e.g. for development, QA, etc.) have to be licensed as well. Non-production server licenses are discounted with 50%. Please note, that non-production licenses are sold as an add-on to production licenses only.


Do you offer any license volume discounts?

There are discounts available, if you want to order multiple licenses at once (starting with 5 licenses). Please contact [email protected] for a detailed offer, if required.

What about updates and upgrades?
You can optionally order software assurance (annual fee, approx. 20% of license costs) and technical support (per hour). Please check the web shop for this.

Do I have to re-install for licensing?

No, it's only about placing a license file in the feature directory and IIS reset. No uninstall / re-install is required.


How to license the Taxonomy Manager?

The Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint is available as component of the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint or separately.


Is it already available for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016?

The Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint is available for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, 2013 and 2016 (any on-premise edition, not for SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Online).


Why I don't see the Taxonomy Manager feature in the user interface?

Please make sure that the feature is installed and activated (see here for any details).


How I can make use of the content classification rules added by the Taxonomy Manager? 

You can use the tag rules in the Layer2 Tag Suggester for SharePoint and in the Layer2 Auto Tagger for SharePoint to classify content manually or automatically with centrally managed enterprise metadata.


Do you offer RegEx support inside content categorization rules?

Yes, all options of the RegEx implementation of the Microsoft .NET Framework can be used for content categorization.


My SKOS-based taxonomy shows errors on XML file import. Where to go next?

In most cases errors are caused by invalid SKOS. Please validate here.


How to edit SKOS-based XML files externally instead of using the SharePoint Term Store Management Tool directly:
There are lots of external SKOS editors linked here.


Is there any usage sample video of the Taxonomy Manager?
Yes, you can see the product video here at YouTube.


For more information please check additional FAQs here or contact [email protected] directly.

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