RELEASE NOTES OF THE LAYER2 Knowledge Management Suite

​​You will find release notes of the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite and its components for current and previous releases below. Please note the new features, changes, and fixed issues before upgrade. Any update or upgrade requires a valid Software Assurance (SA). Please subscribe our RSS Feed to stay up-to-date.​​​​​​​​​​​​ If you have any questions or issues please contact [email protected] directly.

Release Notes - Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite

V2.0.0 (01/2015)

KMS 2.7 (outdated)


  • [New] Improved Logging with Auto Tagger. You can now specify the required Log Levels in the Auto Tagger Configuration List on the root site of each site collection. Logging continues to go to the SharePoint Log, but with different levels.
  • [New] It's now possible to call the Auto Tagger on-demand per API to process singe items or documents. A sample implementation of a "List-based Auto Tagging" on item change or on-demand (for the whole list) will be included in KMS version 3.
  • [New] Multi-language support added for term set export and import via Taxonomy Manager (SKOS). Previously "en" and "de" was supported only. Now it works as usual with .NET, e.g. "en-us" for American english etc.
  • [Change] Highly increased performance of the Auto Tagger.


Please restart the Auto Tagger Timer Job after upgrade to V2.7


KMS 2.6.1 - Fixes & Changes


  • [Fix] Auto Tagger timer job ends with error: "The context has expired and can no longer be used. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090317)". Under some conditions, service packs and security settings the current user token expires during execution of the background job (a known SharePoint issue). That is fixed by a workaround with the current release. Now a new token is created on demand without any error.
  • [Fix] Auto Tagger timer job stopped working in case of unknown issues with specific lists. Now fixed (lists with issues are skipped, iteration is continued, log written).
  • [Change] All Web Parts are now supporting more than 7 levels in the Term Store tree. In SharePoint 2010 this was limited to 7. The amount of levels was increased in SharePoint 2013, but never adapted to the web parts. Now fixed. 


KMS 2.5 - Fixes & Changes


  • [Change] JQuery version was updated to 1.11
  • [Fix] Use of JQuery was optimized to avoid version conflicts





KMS 2.4 - Changes in UI


  • [Change] UI of all web parts highly improved




KMS 2.3 - New Features & Fixes


  • [Fix] Access rights issues in SharePoint 2013 with Taxonomy Manager (Import) fixed.
  • [Fix] Taxonomies are shown twice in Tag Suggester, fixed.
  • [Fix] Tab [0-9] (for terms that start with numbers nor non-letters) missed in Tag Directory Web Part, fixed.
  • [Fix] Item sorting issue in Related Content Web Part fixed.
  • [Change] Empty tabs are now shown in Tag Directory Web Part, but disabled (not linked).
  • [Change] Display templates are changed and renamed for all web parts to better fit to the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 default style. For backward compatibility old templates can still be used as "Custom".
  • [Change] In case a referenced templates are not found, custom template is applied for all web parts. 
  • [Change] Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop.dll is no longer required.


KMS 2.2 - New Features & Fixes


  • [New] Support for multiple Managed Metadata Service Applications added to Web Parts.
  • [New] Support for inherited metadata added for the Web Parts. Child terms can be included automatically in term ID search. An additional managed property is required.
  • [New] Search results now can be sorted by any managed property ascending or descending.
  • [New] The Installation Checker now checks existance of the required Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop.dll for the Tag Suggester und Auto Tagger.
  • [Fix] If to many terms are selected in the Related Content Web Part, the default SharePoint query length is exceeded. Now a warning is given in the Web Part properties in this case.


KMS 2.1.4 - Fixes


  • The release fixes issues in the Tag Suggester component only. No changes in other parts.
  • With SharePoint 2013 the Tag Suggester tab "Suggestions" was not shown. Now fixed.
  • An issue with calling the jQuery noConflict method was fixed.
  • Issues with identifying the current list item are fixed.







KMS 2.1.2 - Fixes


  • The Web Parts could not be configured using SharePoint Designer 2010. That is fixed now.
  • Issues with style templates in SharePoint 2010 / 2013 after feature activation in non-english webs are fixed now.
  • An issue with selecting a Term Set as root node was fixed.
  • An error was thrown in case of a user defined sort order was set in the SharePoint Term Store (originally a SharePoint Bug). The error now is catched and the web part is rendered correctly.



KMS 2.1 - New Features, Fixes & Changes


Please note that any upgrade to V2.* needs a new license file. Contact [email protected] to receive.


  • [NEW] Support for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Upgrades are free for all customers with valid Software Assurance.
  • [NEW] Support for FAST Search in SharePoint 2010.
  • [NEW] "@TermName" and "@SocialTagName" now can be used additionally as placeholder in navigation web parts to build a custom link URL.
  • [NEW] Template System for KMS WebParts (Tag Cloud, Tag Directory, Tag Navigation, Related Content). Documentation is comming soon. Known issue: Do not delete templates that are in use.
  • [MOD] Optimized rendering of web part properties (edit mode).
  • [FIX] In Tag Directory Web Part, when set to display "Used Terms" only, sometimes terms are listed twice. This issue is fixed in the current release.


KMS V1.8 - Fixes & Changes


  • [NEW] Taxonomy Manager - Improved taxonomy import feature: Support for Resource Description Framework (RDF) and better support for certain SKOS formats, that are not 100% complient.
  • [FIX] Taxonomy Manager - Improved taxonomy import performance.
  • [MOD] Tag Suggester - Folder names are taken into consideration for tag suggestions.
  • [MOD] Auto Tagger - After Installation the scope list value Include is set to False by default to avoid unwanted auto-tagging after feature activation.
  • [FIX] Auto Tagger - A title column is no longer mandatory for items and documents.
  • [MOD] Auto Tagger - The column "next run" in the auto tagger configuration list is a required field now (must have a value).


KMS V1.7.1 - Fixes & Changes


  • [FIX] Tag Suggester did not suggest terms that consists of multiple words, separated by spaces. That is fixed with the current release.
  • [MOD] If Tag Suggester is not able to retrieve data from the currently open form client-side, now it tries to get from previously saved list or library item. With previous version there were no suggestions in this case.
  • [FIX] Auto Tagger now applies terms that consist of multiple words (separated by space). Such terms were not applied in previous versions.


KMS V1.7 - Fixes & Changes (Auto Tagger only)


  • [ADD] Scopes are introduced to include and to exclude specific sites, lists, columns and content types to or from tagging. By default all content of the current site collection is tagged. See included manual for more details.
  • [ADD] Default "All Items" views are added for the Auto Tagger Configuration List and the Auto Tagger Scopes List to display all required information.
  • [FIX] There was an issue with overwrite mode in previous versions. Tags, that are no longer applied, were not removed correctly with overwrite-mode set to true. This is fixed now.
    Now those tags, that are no longer validate (e.g. in case of text or rule change) are removed correctly with overwrite mode set to true. Please note, that no existing tags are removed from items or documents if overwrite is set to false.
  • [FIX] There was an issue with licensing while auto-tagging publishing pages (because not all publishing pages have a title or name field). This caused an error with previous versions.
    It is now fixed: Such pages are not tagged in Shareware mode.
  • [MOD] The current product version now is displayed in a column of the Auto Tagger Configuration List.
  • [MOD] Edit-Forms of configuration lists now display columns with write access only.
  • [MOD] All columns of configuration lists do have a description now.
  • [MOD] The Config Feature in feature activation list is now hidden. It is managed by the main feature.
  • [DEL] The columns TargetUID and Level are no longer used in the config list.


How to upgrade from 1.6


  • Install all components using the installer provided. After installation please re-activate the farm feature for the auto tagger timer job. Please also IISReset and restart Windows SharePoint Timer Service. The configuration lists are modified automatically during first run of auto tagger.


How to clean install 1.7


  • Install all components using the installer provided. After installation please activate the main Auto Tagger feature on site collection level. This creates both configuration lists with default settings. With the first run of Auto Tagger all items of the site collection are tagged.

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