RELEASE NOTES OF THE LAYER2 Knowledge Management Suite

​​You will find release notes of the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite and its components for current and previous releases below. Please note the new features, changes, and fixed issues before upgrade. Any update or upgrade requires a valid Software Assurance (SA). Please subscribe our RSS Feed to stay up-to-date.​​​​​​​​​​​​ If you have any questions or issues please contact [email protected] directly.

Release Notes - Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite

V3.0.0 (03/2015)

KMS 3.0.2


Auto Tagger for SharePoint


  • [ADD] List seetings are removed from Auto Tagger Configuration List in case the list is deleted or the web is deleted (via Event Receiver).
  • [ADD] A Delete button is added to the list-based Auto Tagger configuration dialog to completely remove configuration info from configuration list.
  • [CHANGE] Bulk-Tagging now is a full crawl. It recognizes added columns, changed folder names or links etc.
  • FIX] The Event Receiver was not correctly bound to the list configured for real-time tagging in some cases. Now fixed. You have to save the settings initially one time for V3.0.1 lists to fix the issue.


Tag Suggester for SharePoint


  • [CHANGE] The Tag Suggester does not take into account the existing content of the managed metadata field that is currently beeing tagged.
  • [FIX] The name of the feature directory was changed as expected. Now simlar to other features starting with Layer2.SharePoint.Taxonomy…
    Please take care that existing licenses must be applied to the new directory after upgrade. Please take the license from the old feature directory: TagSuggester_TaggingActionFeature. You can remove the old feature directory after update.


Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint


  • [FIX] Issues fixed in Classification Rule Dialog: Close button now works as expected. No more scroll-bars.
  • [FIX] Java Script optimization to add Taxonomy Manager buttons to Term Store standard dialog.






KMS 3.0


  • [New] List-based auto-tagging in real-time: Metadata can be assigned automatically while uploading documents or changing list data. Plese note the new link in document and list settings "Automatically Assign Metadata". Please find a step-by-step intro in documentation included and here.
  • [New] Bulk Tagging: Metadata can be assigned to entire libraries or lists, e.g. after migration. See links above for documentation.
  • [New] Incremental crawl / full crawl: The Auto Tagger timer job can run with full crawl or incremental crawl. Incremental is highly efficient. Items with no changes in content or term store are not renewed. You have to run a full crawl to assign metadata to newly added metadata columns or include content from newly added columns. You can configure in the Auto Tagger Configuration List.
  • [Fix] Users of Taxonomy Manager do not need read rights for the site collection root site anymore to import or update term sets.
  • [Change] To import or update terms sets or define content categorization rules using the Taxonomy Manager the following access rights are required: Term Store Administrator or Group Manager or Contributor.
  • You can download V3 and upgrade for free with a valid Software Assurance. Please note that you will need a new license file for V3. Please request a license upgrade via [email protected]. You can use the installer to upgrade. Please restart the Layer2 Auto Tagger Timer Job manually. No other changes required.

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