15 December 2019

Smoove with us! The beta version of our new web-based application will be available soon.

15 December 2019
We are very happy and excited to pre-announce our new product: Layer2 Smoove. Our web-based application is intuitive, easy to use and syncs your data as easy as child's play.
We have been developing a web application that will allow our customers and partners to sync their data from anywhere and at any time. Without any IT knowledge! Layer2 Smoove is intuitive, easy to use and connects your systems as easy as child's play.

The product launch is planned for Q1 2020 and for starters the application will allow you to synchronize your entries from your Microsoft CRM to your SharePoint. In order to develop the new product as close as possible to our customer’s needs, we invite you to test the beta version through its paces.

You are interested in testing Layer2 Smoove? Please contact us directly via e-mail, we are pleased about your support developing the new product with us!