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Thousands of clients and partners trust Layer2 Products to manage their business-critical corporate data migration, backup, integration, document synchronization, and knowledge management - especially in the context of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure. If you already know, which product you need, learn more about the Layer2 Cloud Connector, Layer2 Business Data List Connector, or the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite below - or start with the Solutions page to find out, which systems you can connect with each other.

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Layer2 Cloud Connector -
The Swiss Army Knife of Data integration

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can integrate data and sync documents between 100+ corporate data sources without programming. It is used to connect services and apps on-premises or cloud-based, such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, SQL/ERP/CRM, and more for migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization.

Codeless Sychronization with the Layer2 Cloud Connector

Keep pre-selected data sets and files in sync codelessly

connectivity and data sync between 100+ systems and apps in just minutes without any programming. Just select a data provider, enter a data query and a primary key. Map the fields - that's it.


Can be used for migration, backup and two-way sync

one tool - many use cases: data and document migration, file backup, and permanent two-way data sync. Typically used to connect your local apps with the cloud, but also local to local, or cloud to cloud.


Market-leading in Microsoft Cloud Integration

the "Swiss-Army Knife" of Microsoft Cloud Data Integration & File Sync: Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics, Exchange, Azure, Office Groups, Microsoft Teams, Flow, and many more are supported.


Connectivity options for 100+ typically used IT systems

SQL databases like SQL Server, Oracle, Db2 via ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET, many ERP/CRM like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Office Access / Excel, XML, CSV, OData, SOAP. Any 3rd-party ADO.NET data provider are supported: Oracle, IBM, SAP, Google, Amazon, and more.


Direct connections with highest Security

the connector runs as a Windows Service, where your data resides today, locally, or in your cloud. No changes in the connected systems required, no administrative access rights, no 3rd party vendor, service, or cloud involved. Direct and secure connections. You have the full control.


Flexible and cost-effective licensing

The 3 fully-featured product editions are licensed per installation. While the Personal and the Professional Edition are licensed as one-time fees with optional Software Aussuarance, the Enterprise Edition has a subscription-based pricing model. You are not bound to any specific data source, site, or tenant.


Layer2 business data list connector -
The expert in SharePoint on-premise data integration

The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint solves many issues that still exist with Microsoft SharePoint data integration. It connects SharePoint on-premises lists to 100+ external data sources without any programming to keep the data in sync. All the great SharePoint features are supported for connected lists.


SharePoint on-prem data integration easy to setup

You don't need to be a programmer for this: Just go to SharePoint "List Settings", click "Connect to External Data Source". Enter a very few settings, automatically create and map your data fields - that's it. Your list will be connected and always up-to-date.



100+ widely used IT systems supported out-of-the-box

Connect SharePoint to almost any SQL/ERP/CRM via ODBC, OLEDB, or ADO.NET. Integrate via Excel, Access, XML, CSV/TXT. Sync data via Web Services like OData or SOAP. Pull data from Active Directory, Exchange, Dynamics, SharePoint, or Office 365.


Secure connections without any changes in backends

Use the SharePoint features you are already familiar with: Keep settings in the Secure Store. Cache external data in SharePoint lists. Use Timer Jobs, Ribbon Buttons, or the SharePoint API to keep your list data up-to-date in minutes.



All SharePoint list features for your exernal data

Provide all the great SharePoint list features for your external data without any restrictions: Views, filters, lookups, search, forms, change notifications, workflows on external data change. Large lists > 5.000 items fully supported.


Start workflows on external data change and write-back

Extend SharePoint forms and workflows to almost any external system for better collaboration and reporting. Process external data changes in SharePoint and write-back results to external systems in real-time, if required. Integrate external systems with Flow or PowerApps.


Integration should be part of any SharePoint-based portal

Providing pre-selected data sets originally hosted in complex backends in the well-known feature-rich Office environment for easy access highly increases end-user acceptance and helps to release the potential benefits of your existing SharePoint portal.

Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite -
make your SharePoint Smarter

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint is a must-have to better manage taxonomies in the SharePoint Term Store, to assign managed metadata to items and documents automatically via bulk-tagging or in real-time, and to improve SharePoint content discovery and search. Let your data and documents in Sharepoint become knowledge.


Better manage the SharePoint Term Store

Export, import and update Term Sets to / from external systems via SKOS/XML without to lose existing metadata assignments. Can be used for Term Store backup, deployment, or integration.


Add content classification rules to SharePoint Terms

Enrich your terms by flexible classification rules based on synonyms, regular expressions (REGEX), and custom logic to better classify your content by managed metadata assignment. 


Assign managed metadata automatically

Classify SharePoint list items and documents for better findability by assigning managed metadata automatically via bulk-tagging (after migration) or in real-time (after user interactions). Classify data from 100+ external sources via Layer2 tools to make it fully available for search.


Add web parts like glossary, subject index, and more

Benefit of managed metadata assignment by adding additional, search-driven navigations, such as a term glossary or A-Z subject index as known from technical books to improve content findability and foster a common corporate language.


Display related content as known from

Display context-specific "related content" dynamically in SharePoint, such as related documentation, news with similar topic, responsible contacts, further links, automatically as known from using search-driven, security trimmed web parts with flexible template-based design.


All SharePoint on-premises platforms supported

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite is available for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016. SharePoint WFEs and Application Servers must be licensed. It's not fully available for SharePoint Online.

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