How it works

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Screenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager with a connection sample.
Screenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager while entering a connection string.
Acreenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager view when all fields are filled.
Screenshot of mapping sample in Layer2 Layer2 Cloud Connector Mappings.
Screenshot of sample logs in Layer2 Cloud Connector.

Keep your local and cloud-Documents in Sync.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes this solution unique?

The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a universal sync tool for data and files. It can be used for many things, such as migration, backup, integration, synchronization between 100+ IT systems and apps. Document synchronization is just one specific use case. Learn more here.


What about files on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.Net?

While documents on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.Net, and others are not directly supported, you can connected it via their local or cloud-based Windows file system copies. You can make use of the specific vendor's options to sync to a file share, and sync via Layer2 Cloud Connector to other supported systems in a next step.

How to sync files to Microsoft Azure?

You can connect local file shares or SharePoint libraries (on-premises and online) to the Azure File Storage. Simply mount your Azure File Storage in your Windows Server or client to sync it as any other disk folder, file share, or NAS. Learn more here.


What about known limitations?

As with any other software there are limitations, depending on configuration and settings. Typically you can manage hundreds of connections with one installation. You can scale out in case you need more. 100.000 documents per connection should not be any problem. But be aware of the limitations of the specific connected systems. Learn more here.


Which data provider to access file shares?

All data providers required to sync files with the Microsoft Cloud are fully included in the download package. Make use of the Layer2 Data Provider for File System to access your documents on a Windows file server, NAS, or Azure File Storage. Please find a detailed specification in the User's Documentation.

Which data provider to access SharePoint libraries?

Try the Layer2 Data Provider for Office 365 Fast File Sync to access files in Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Groups, OneDrive, and SharePoint Server 2016. It's highly optimized for sync speed, but comes with some small feature restrictions. If you need support for older SharePoint Servers, or specific features are required, take the Layer2 Data Provider for SharePoint (CSOM) . Learn more in the User's Documentation.

What's the difference to the Microsoft OneDrive for Business Client?

The free standard sync client is provided by Microsoft to allow end-users to make some pre-selected SharePoint-based documents available offline on mobile devices. It comes with many limitations regarding features, supported systems, and amount of data. Typically companies and organizations use the OneDrive for Business client on the end-user side. To keep local file servers, file shares, NAS devices, or SharePoint Servers in sync with the cloud, a locally running and centrally managed Windows Service is a far better option. Find a detailed comparison of both services here.

Does it work with SharePoint on-premises?

While originally developed for SharePoint Online, you can also use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to keep your file shares in sync with Microsoft SharePoint on-premises. SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016 are supported. Basically, it will work with any SharePoint library as used in many different Microsoft products and services as noted above. In case on SharePoint on-premises it could also make sense to just sync the document meta data into SharePoint lists and link back to the original files on the file share, FTP server or similar.

Who is using Layer2 Data Integration and Document Synchronization?

1000+ partners and clients trust Layer2 to keep their business-critical data and files in sync. You can find a selection of Layer2 customers in your industry here. 200+ regional partners can help you to evaluate, implement and license Layer2 solutions. Interested in specific use cases? Learn more about typical requirements solved by Layer2 in these customer case studies.