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Maximize your business efficiency with Layer2 Cloud Connector, the essential integration solution for seamless connectivity and data synchronization across platforms. Break down silos and foster collaboration by bridging the gap between on-premises applications and cloud services. Enjoy data synchronization, eliminating delays and ensuring that your teams always have access to the latest information. Streamline processes and boost productivity by automating routine data transfer tasks, allowing your teams to focus on value-added activities. With robust security measures and compliance features, Layer2 Cloud Connector provides a worry-free environment for data integration.


Discover how Layer2 Cloud Connector can revolutionize your data management, migration, backup, and synchronization needs:





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Layer2 Cloud Connector for Data integration and file synchronization

In today's data-driven world, efficient data integration is at the heart of business success. Layer2 Cloud Connector is your ultimate solution, offering powerful capabilities to integrate data and synchronize documents across a vast array of corporate data sources without the need for programming. Whether you're looking to connect local or cloud-based services and applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics, Azure, SQL databases, ERP/CRM systems, data and document shares, and more, this tool has you covered. You can work efficiently, collaborate with colleauges and partners - wherever you are and whenever you need access to your data. So you can save time and money

What is Layer2 Cloud COnnector?

  • Layer2 Cloud Connector is used to integrate and sync data between on-premises and cloud systems. You can use it for example to connect products from Google, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SharePoint. 
  • Layer2 Cloud Connector will help you to work more easily with the popular on-premises and cloud services you’re already using and are familiar with like SharePoint, JIRA, Salesforce, Dropbox, and 150+ more. 
  • Layer2 Cloud Connector provides high security when you connect cloud applications and on-premises applications.



4.5 stars on Software Advice, Capterra and GetApp

Our customers rated Layer2 Cloud Connector on software comparison portals. Here you can read some reviews.  

Reviews for Layer2 CLoud Connector

Which systems do you want to connect?

Layer2 Cloud Connector sync icon: a blue cloud, computer screen and database symbol sorrounded and connected by 3 arrows arranged in a circle.

Connect your SQL databases to the cloud

Unlock the potential of your SQL databases by seamlessly connecting them to cloud-based systems and applications. Whether you're dealing with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Db2, Access, QuickBooks, or other data sources, the Layer2 Cloud Connector ensures they stay in sync with other systems, both local and in the cloud. Additionally, many ERP/CRM/CMS systems can be directly integrated using the backend RDBMS.

Layer2 Cloud Connector data integration icon: one half of a blue gear with 6 lines leading to 6 circles, symbolizing the synced systems.

Integrate your enterprise with Microsoft Office 365

Is your Office 365 still operating as a data island? Release the benefits of data integration and connect your enterprise backend IT systems. The Layer2 Cloud Connector bridges the gap between your business's backend IT systems and Microsoft services like SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics CRM/NAV/AX/SL/365, Project, Azure, Groups, Teams, Flow, Logic Apps, and more. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to seamless connectivity.

Layer2 Cloud Connector backup icon: a blue screen with an arrow leading to a blue database symbol.

Migrate your local documents and synchronize with the cloud

Optimize your data management by migrating local documents to SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams or Office Groups. Additionally, safeguard your cloud-based files by creating local backups or storing them in Azure for disaster recovery and compliance purposes. Keep your documents in sync one or two-way to enhance collaboration across different sites or clouds.

Your advantages

Layer2 Cloud Connector empowers you to keep your integrated data in sync across 150+ systems and applications. Whether you need data and file migration, backup, or two-way synchronization, this tool handles it all. It connects local to cloud, cloud to local, and even cloud-to-cloud, bridging gaps between different apps, clouds, and vendors. While it shines in the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, including Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Azure, it also supports various other vendors like Amazon, Google, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, SAP, and more.

Layer2 Cloud Connector sync benefit icon: 2 blue and grey arrows in a square, one behind the other.

Keep your enterprise in sync codelessly

Effortlessly connect and sync data across 150+ local or cloud-based business IT systems and applications in minutes. Simply select a data provider, enter a connection string, query your data, and map data fields. Schedule automatic background syncs, and you're good to go.

Layer2 Cloud Connector funktion and connection icon: a blue square connected to 4 smaller suqares.

Flexible high-end features

Enjoy flexibility with data selection using SQL, XPath, OData, SOAP, and more. Sync data one-way or two-way, enable or disable specific operations, and manage sync conflicts. Use dynamic columns to clean up, transform, or translate data between systems, or even add your own business logic in C#.

Layer2 Cloud Connector efficiency icon: a chart with an arrow moving upwards on a blue computer screen.

Best performance

Layer2 Cloud Connector ensures efficient performance and robust security. Only data changes are transferred as configured, whether one-way or two-way. No need to modify connected systems, grant admin rights, open your network, or alter firewall settings. Your data integration is entirely under your control, with no third-party vendors or clouds involved.

Layer2 Cloud Connector settings icon: a blue gear.

Cost-effective licensing

Choose from fully-featured product editions licensed per installation. Personal for one connection between two systems, Standard for unlimited connections and Enterprise to connect advanced providers. All licenses follow a annual subscription model, free from data volume-related costs. Sync an unlimited number of items (based on your systems configurations). No hidden costs for users, sites, tenants, connected systems, connections, or data volume – transparent and cost-effective.

Layer2 Cloud Connector security icon: a blue lock.

Secure connections and data transfer

Rest assured with secure data transfer. Layer2 Cloud Connector operates where your data resides – whether on a server or client within your corporate network with internet connectivity or in your own cloud. Data and files are transmitted using secure connections like SSL/HTTPS, and it supports various authentication methods such as Windows domains, Microsoft Accounts, Active Directory Federation (ADFS), and more. Custom authentications like RM Unify, OKTA, and others can be easily added. Connection strings and settings are stored locally with robust encryption.

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Reliable system architecture

Manage your synchronization service centrally with flexible logging and alerting via NLOG. Connections are established only as scheduled for data exchange, not end-user interaction. End-users won't even notice the sync as they lack access to the connected back-ends, eliminating the need for end-user licenses for connected systems like SQL, ERP, or CRM. Data is provided with the full feature-set of the connected system, such as Office 365, SharePoint, or Dynamics. In the case of SharePoint, native lists store the connected data without the feature restrictions of BCS/external lists.

How it works

Leave complexity behind and create connections effortlessly using the provided templates. Customize connections to suit your unique needs. Explore the intuitive interface through our visual guides below to get a sneak peek. And don't forget to take advantage of our Free Trial to experience the Layer2 Cloud Connector's power firsthand.


Screenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager with a connection sample.
Screenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager while entering a connection string.
Acreenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager view when all fields are filled.
Screenshot of sample logs in Layer2 Cloud Connector.
Screenshot of mapping sample in Layer2 Layer2 Cloud Connector Mappings.

What our Partners & customers say

Layer2 Cloud Connector is simple to set up, very stable and gives us the necessary connection between our local data and SharePoint Online.
Terje Haug, Serit IT Partner
The Layer2 Cloud Connector and Business Data List Connector helps our clients in unifying their platforms without excessive investments and get the best out of SharePoint, on-premise and online.
Han Beusker, 4i Solutions
The Layer2 Cloud Connector for Sharepoint Online will allow Sonal Computers to take an innovative and market leading solution to our customers. It opens new doors to the situations that Office 365 can be effectively deployed in to.
Jay Retansi, Director, Sonal Computers
The Layer2 Cloud Connector allows for an easy to configure and versatile platform independent broker service that will allow an integration between products.
Jonathan Matthes, SharePoint Gurus Pty Ltd.
The Layer2 Connector is a tool that no SharePoint farm should be without. It allows organizations to integrate business data into SharePoint solutions that extend the functionality of enterprise applications without the need to modify the application.
David Long, Tribridge
Of all the tools I've bought to make our SharePoint portal more user friendly, the Layer2 connector is my favorite. It is really well done, and the service from the publisher is top drawer.
Sean Moran, Nordstrom, Inc.

Achieve seamless data integration and synchronization with Layer2 Cloud Connector


In the ever-evolving world of data integration, where SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft are central players, the Layer2 Cloud Connector stands out as the ultimate solution. We have explored the realms of data synchronization, backup, and connectivity with an array of data integration tools and cloud data integration software.


From SharePoint integration to Office 365 file sync, our software sync capabilities have set new standards in data integration. The Layer2 Cloud Connector has consistently proven to be the best sync software, enabling you to harness the full potential of your data and maximize collaboration.


Our commitment to excellence extends to Azure data integration tools, as we continue to be recognized as the best data integration software in the industry. We've empowered countless organizations to seamlessly bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud environments, making data integration in SQL a breeze.


As one of the leading data integration software companies, our focus on database integration software and enterprise data integration has helped businesses thrive in an era where data is king. Our expertise in excel and SharePoint integration, coupled with Microsoft's data integration platform and tools, has transformed the way organizations operate.


Salesforce to SharePoint integration, SharePoint integration with ServiceNow, SharePoint to SharePoint migration, and SQL Server Integration Services – we've covered it all. Our commitment to syncing data has remained unwavering, ensuring that your data integration journey is smooth and efficient.


In conclusion, Layer2 Cloud Connector is your trusted partner in the world of data integration. Our cloud data integration software and cloud integration tools have set the industry standard, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. If you haven't already experienced the magic of seamless data integration, now is the time. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have harnessed the power of Layer2 Cloud Connector, and let your data integration journey begin.



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