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Google Contacts data can be integrated and synchronized codeless with various other data sources using the Layer2 Cloud Connector via 3rd party data providers. Please take a look here for supported target systems and applications like SQL, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics and others.​​​​​

Google Contacts Integration and Synchronization




Fig. Google contacts to sync with various other systems without code. 


To connect to Google Contacts, the source entity must be configured as follows in the Layer2 Cloud Connector Connection Manager:

Fig. Example connection configuration to connect to Google Contacts and sync to various other systems and apps without code.

Google Contacts Specific Integration Settings

​Please note the following Google Contacts specific settings.

  • Install the CData ADO.NET Provider for Google Apps. This provider is not part of the Layer2 Cloud Connector ADO.NET provider package and should be installed separately from the vendor's product page. It requires extra licensing.
  • Choose “CData ADO .NET Provider for Google Apps 2015” (exact name might vary) as “Data Provider” for your data entity (source and / or destination).
  • Follow the vendor instructions for setting up the connection string and select statement (see below for samples).
  • Set the connection string as required:
    OAuthClientId=myClientId; OAuthClientSecret=myClientSecret; InitiateOAuth=GETANDREFRESH; [email protected]
  • This Provider uses OAuth to connect to the Google Contact API. The vendor has instructions on how to set up the OAuth clientIDs and Client Secrets, if you do not have one already set.
  • A Google client ID looks like
  • A client secret looks like one encoded string of numbers and characters.
  • Note: The first time new credentials are used, your default browser will open a web page where you are asked to authorize access to your Google account. That then should no longer need to be done for later manual or automatic scheduled syncs.
  • Set the data query as required:
     SELECT * FROM Contacts
  • You need to set a primary key as the Provider does not pass one automatically.
  • You can map your Google contacts data fields (as shown in the data preview) to specific external fields in the Layer2 Cloud Connector. Please take care about data types (simple type conversions are supported).
  • No installation or changes are required at the Google Contacts data source or data destination.
  • Data synchronization can be started manually in the Connection Manager, per command line or scheduled in background by the Layer2 Cloud Connector Windows Service. Only data changes are processed (no delete / bulk import).
  • No programming required for setup a connection and sync.
  • No need to open your local network for access from outside.
  • Bi-directional sync is supported - take care as some data fields are linked. See Known Issues and Workarounds below.

Known Issues and Workarounds with Google Contacts Data Integration

  • The "CustomEmailAddresses" field when mapped will cause errors when writing to Google Contacts. Either use the "HomeEmailAddresses" or "WorkEmailAddresses". It might also be possible to map the "CustomEmailAddressTypes" field as well and provide data, as that seems to be linked with the "CustomEmailAddresses" field.
  • If a "Group" is not specified and mapped to the "Group" column, Google Contacts will consider it a "Other Contact" type and not have it show in the main contact group set. In the newer UI the Other Contacts" are not exposed, and you need to go to the Classic UI mode to see them. If you have syncs that work (no errors or skips) but you cannot see your contacts in Google, try switching to the Classic UI and check "Other Contacts" to see if they were orphaned there.

Step-by-Step Intros For Google Contacts Data Integration And Synchronization

Just some ideas what to connect next:
  • Sync with Microsoft Exchange contacts (on-premises or online) for mobile access and offline availability on any device. Public folders also supported.
  • Sync with 3rd party tools like ERP/CRM/CMS based on SQL databases like Oracle, mySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Sync with Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 for better collaboration (for example with customers or partners) or for intranet publishing. SharePoint change notifications and workflows in case of Google Contacts changes are fully supported.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/ERP/NAV etc.
  • Integrate with Salesforce or other non Microsoft CRMs.
  • Connect to SAP via NetWeaver and OData or Hana.

Next Steps For Evaluation

​​​​​You can register to download and evaluate the Layer2 Cloud Connector here.
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** Starting with January 2015 all features of the Enterprise Edition are already included in the Professional Edition.

*** The File Sync Edition is limited to local file synchronization with any specific Office 365, SharePoint or OneDrive4B. The license is per user annually with a minimum of 50 licenses. Not yet available for online order. Please contact [email protected] if interested.

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