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The Layer2 Cloud Connector helps ChemWerth to integrate the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

Client Profile

ChemWerth, Woodbridge, CT (US), is a full service generic drug development and supply company providing high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to regulated markets worldwide.

Requirements & Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 needs to be integrated with local line-of-business applications, such as SAGE 300 ERP (AccPac). Solved with codeless data sync using the Layer2 Cloud Connector.


Customer Benefits

User access to current backend data at any time, from anywhere, and with any device within the well-known Office environment. No touch integration lowers project risks, duration and costs. Increased end-user adoption of the new cloud.

Vrije Technische Scholen integrates Microsoft Office 365 via Layer2

Client Profile

The Vrije Technische Scholen (VTS) from Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) is an educational group and consists of three entities: BSO/TSO, BUSO and CLW. The core business of the group is providing education to more than 1.400 students that are coached by an educational staff of about 340 people. Some disciplines are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), wood, construction, electricity, mechanics, electronics, welding, car mechanics, etc.

Requirements & Solutions

Documents and data from several local sources like file servers, NAS or SQL databases need to be in sync with the Microsoft Cloud. Users need access to essential information to organize education: schedules, students lists, contact information, forms, reservations, inventories, and more. The Layer2 Cloud Connector solved the issue with data migration, backup, and synchronization.

Customer Benefits

With Microsoft Office 365 the client can work more accurate and efficiently, providing end-users a better environment for collaboration and reduce costs. With the Layer2 Cloud Connector the client is able to combine the data of different resources like fileservers, databases, webservers, and similar. For the end-user it is important to have one single location in the cloud where he can find all the information he needs and this at any time, on any device, and any place.


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