Features and Benefits OF the Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can keep your data in sync between 150+ systems and apps. You can use it for data and file migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization. It works local to cloud, cloud to local, but also cloud-to-cloud, for example between different apps, clouds or vendors. While it is focused to the Microsoft Cloud, such as Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure, it also supports apps and services of other vendors like Amazon, Google, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, SAP, and more.

Cloud migration made easy

The connector can be installed in the cloud or locally. It runs as a Windows Service to move pre-selected data to the cloud. All kind of data supported: structured data from Excel, SQL databases, ERP or CRM systems - or files and documents from a Windows File Server or NAS. You don't need programming: Select your source system or data provider, enter a connection string and a data query, apply sync options - that's it. Run the connection first time or schedule for permanent sync, if required.



Office 365 Backup Layer2

Backup your Microsoft Cloud

There are many reasons to physically own a copy of your data and files: It's not only about disaster recovery (DR) - it's simply about compliance. You can use the connector to backup data and documents in the Microsoft cloud to a local Windows File Server or SharePoint Server, or to your own Azure cloud. No 3rd party vendor, service or cloud involved - all under your control. Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Office Groups and more, all are supported for backup. Once you own your data, you can apply your existing backup tools for any further processing, or make use of the Windows File History to keep older versions.

Keep your cloud connected and in sync

Your new cloud is great - but not as a data island. You can highly improve collaboration, reporting, search, forms, workflows and more in the cloud, but not based on disconnected, possibly outdated, and inconsistent data sets and documents. Your cloud needs to be fully integrated and in sync with your enterprise. It's not only about integrating local systems: Different clouds also need to be integrated cross-tenant, cross-vendor, or cross-app. The Layer2 Cloud Connector can connect in minutes and keeps data and files in sync automatically.

Office 365 SQL Database Integration Layer2

Connect 100+ systems and apps

Almost any data source supported: ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET-based data providers, file content (Excel, XML, CSV), documents and other files from a Windows File Server, NAS or Azure File Share, SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, IBM AS/400, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Office Groups, Dynamics 365/CRM/NAV/AX, Exchange, Active Directory, Flow, Azure Logic Apps,  SAP, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Web Services like OData, SOAP, and more. Looking for specific systems to connect? You will definitely find it here.

Secure connections and data transfer

The connector runs where your data resides today - on any server or client inside your corporate network with Internet connectivity available, or in your own cloud. Data and files are transferred using secure connections, such as SSL/HTTPS. Various authentication methods are supported out-of-the-box, such as Windows domains, Microsoft Accounts, Active Directory Federation (ADFS), and more. Custom authentications like RM Unify, OKTA, and others are supported out-of-the-box or can easily be added using the Authentication Construction Kit. Connection strings and other settings are stored locally with strong encryption (FIPS compatible).

Reliable system architecture

The Layer2 synchronization service can be centrally managed and includes flexible logging and alerting using NLOG. Connections are established as scheduled only for data exchange, such as insert, update, or delete operations  – not for end-user interaction. End-users will even not know about your sync. They do not have access to the connected back-ends, therefore they don't need to have end-user licenses for the connected systems like SQL, ERP or CRM. The data is provided with the full feature-set of the certain connected system, such as Office 365, SharePoint, or Dynamics. In case of SharePoint, native lists are used to store the connected data without the feature restrictions of BCS / external lists.

Office 365 Integration Business Logic Layer2

Advanced features for maximum flexibility

While generally easy to manage, the connector has lots of advanced features that can help you to solve very specific requirements: Query your files using a SQL-like query language to include or exclude files to / from sync by name, type, size, or date. Enable / disable specific operations such as insert, update, or delete. Add Dynamic Columns to cleanup your data, apply calculations, transformations, or translations to your data. Add your own business logic in C#. Connections can be created and executed manually on-demand, but also fully automatically using PowerShell scripting to automate provisioning and deployment.

Cost-effective licensing

The Personal starts with one-time fee licenses per installation with optional annual Software Assurance (SA) for updates and upgrades. The List and Table Edition and the Enterprise Edition have an annual subscription model.
There are no additional hidden costs for users, sites, tenants, connected systems, number of connections, and data volume. Visit our Buy Now Page for more information.

Certified Layer2 Partners

Certified partners resell Layer2 licenses and implement Layer2 solutions to finish their customer projects more quickly, with lower cost and risk. Some ISV Partners sell Layer2 products as an add-on to their own solutions. As an end-customer, take a look here to find a partner in your region

Cloud connector for Office 365 and SharePoint is an easy to install, no coding required, highly effective solution enabling a stable synchronization between ERP data and SharePoint heightening productivity in our development.
Jiha Yi, Marketing Manager,Feelanet Co., Ltd.
Layer2 Cloud Connector is simple to set up, very stable and gives us the necessary connection between our local data and SharePoint Online.
Terje Haug, Serit IT Partner
With the Layer2 Cloud Connector we were able to build a very reliable cloud connector for our Cadac Organice Manufacturing Portal, enabling us to publish CAD and PDM data from Vault and ERP to a hosted SharePoint solution. Choosing Layer2 over developing our own integration was an absolute no-brainer given the robustness of the Layer2 solution.
Paul Smeets, Cadac Group Services BV
​​Onze klanten zijn zeer tevreden over de Layer2 producten en met name de Cloud Connector staat garant voor optimaal resultaat met minimale efforts en maximale return on investment.
Jan Kooman, Actendo
The Layer2 Cloud Connector and Business Data List Connector helps our clients in unifying their platforms without excessive investments and get the best out of SharePoint, on-premise and online.
Han Beusker, 4i Solutions
​​Layer2 Sharepoint Connector allows our customers to integrate the Sharepoint environment with different data sources. It is particularly appreciated the feature that allows the integration with the file system.
Jessica Prearo, Pentalab Srl.
Il Cloud Connector di Layer2 è parte integrante nei nostri progetti, per una più facile, più veloce e più sicuro, non è possibile creare una connessione da SharePoint elenca ad altri database!
Paolo De Angeli - Senior Developer CloudSolutions365
We are very excited about the features and flexibility that Cloud Connector provides to our customers, it synchronizes data easy and comfortable.
Michael Trankjær, IT Eksperten ApS
The Cloud Connector has provided us with a robust and code-free mechanism to seamlessly integrate SAP BW, SAP ERP, SQL Server and SharePoint applications.
Rodolfo Bermúdez, Consulting Manager, Intellego
Our go-to Layer2 Product is the Cloud Connector. It is an extremely flexible and versatile tool that we've incorporated as part of a larger solution for several of our key customers and internally.
Drew Keenan, Director, Total Calibration
The Layer2 Cloud Connector for Office 365 and the Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint provide rich options for LOB integration and hybrid ‘on-premise’ to ‘Office 365’ connectivity.
John Ackery, Director, Devworkz Pty Ltd
Layer2 Cloud Connector has been an invaluable tool that allows us to provide our clients with a robust, reliable solution to connect SharePoint with external data sources.
Mike Adkins, Director, RSM US LLP
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a client favorite – it can connect on-premises data to SharePoint Online without code and boasts 100+ local or cloud based data sources.
Nick Battaglia, PAIT Group
Layer2 Cloud Connector is the most versatile tool to implement application integrations to Office 365. We use this for all our customer needs for foreign integrations.
Greg Winterhalter, VP Professional Services EPM Solutions
The Layer2 Connector is a tool that no SharePoint farm should be without. It allows organizations to integrate business data into SharePoint solutions that extend the functionality of enterprise applications without the need to modify the application.
David Long, Tribridge Corporation
At the Normandy Group we are using the Layer2 Cloud Connector to transfer our Microsoft Dynamics CRM data to our Sharepoint Intranet. The bi-directional integration has helped to make our CRM data constantly updated and accessible on both platforms.
Alec Alsup, The Normandy Group LLC.
We tried your Cloud Connector and are very impressed with it's ease of setup and the many data sources that can be used with the tool. We suggested it to a client who loves it.
Ed Grossman, SP Solutions Architect, SimplePortals
Legacy applications weren't designed to connect to the cloud. Layer2's Cloud Connector makes it easy to publish information from legacy systems to SharePoint in Office 365
Ajay Khanna, Corporate Power
The Layer2 Cloud Connector for Sharepoint Online will allow Sonal Computers to take an innovative and market leading solution to our customers. It opens new doors to the situations that Office 365 can be effectively deployed in to.
Jay Retansi, Director, Sonal Computers
Cloud Connector has allowed us to efficiently and reliably synchronise our customers’ onsite files with Sharepoint Online.
David Dodds, Account Manager, Connect Systems

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