How to Get the Most out of Microsoft Teams

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can help you to get the most out of your Microsoft Teams investment. Find awesome tips below to significantly increase the benefits of your new collaboration solution by seamlessly integrating it with your enterprise.


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Migrate your documents from any source to Teams

You can use the connector for fast and secure file migration to Microsoft Teams from SharePoint on-prem, local or network drives. Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and others are also supported via their local file stores. several data providers are included, optimized for features or migration speed to meet different requirements.

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Backup your Teams files to your local network or your own Azure

In many cases, you will need a backup of your documents in Microsoft Teams. This is not only a question of disaster recovery, it is also about compliance and archives. The connector offers flexible options to manage document backups to local file shares, SharePoint on-premises, or Azure File Storage, using manual setup, custom PowerShell scripting, or the Cloud Connector API.


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Keep your documents in sync with Teams across file stores

There are good reasons to keep your local file shares, for a transition period, or for a general hybrid approach. No problem: You can keep Microsoft Teams documents in sync automatically with all your file stores, including local SharePoint or network drives.

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Provide up-to-date backend data in the new Teams Tabs

Lists now can be provided in Microsoft Teams Tabs. Make use of it to provide valid data sets in the cloud from your backends, such as contacts, product data, calendar items, and more. The connector can help you to connect data from 100+ relevant IT systems, such as SQL, ERP, CRM, CMS, and more.

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Raise notifications in Teams Chanels on any data change

Keep your teams up to date with enterprise social bots. Raise flexible notification cards from any data change in 100+ backend IT systems. Announce newly available releases, modified contact data, and changed responsibilities automatically from SQL, ERP, or CRM.

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Publish local data to Teams for mobile access from anywhere

Traditional enterprise IT systems, such as SQL, ERP, or CRM are very difficult to reach from the internet via mobile devices. Why not publish pre-selected data to lists in Teams and keep it current via Layer2. Your employees or business partners can access it at any time, at any place, and with any device.

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Add cloud-based actions to local business processes

It's easy to add cloud-based actions to your existing on-premises business processes via Layer2. You can start a Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic App on any external data change to exchange data across multiple systems.

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Make use of Teams for scalable data acquisition code-free

You don't have to write an app to acquire data in the cloud for your on-prem systems. You can simply make use of connected SharePoint lists and forms in the new Teams Tab for this without any programming. But PowerApps is also an option.

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Build your custom Teams App based on connected data sources

While it is difficult to create an app and connect it to on-premises data stores across firewalls, it's easy with the Layer2 connector. Keep your local system connected with SharePoint lists using the Cloud Connector and make it available to the new Teams Tab. Access the connected data with your own custom app, build with PowerApps, Xamarin, or others.

With Layer2 Cloud Connector we finally find a really great solution for the challenges we had with document synchronization between local file servers and Office 365 services!
Richard Horvath, Core Systems Ltd.
We highly recommend Layer2 add-ons for any Sharepoint based integration.
Patrick Studart, Synesis International
The Layer2 Cloud Connector executed all of our SQL statements and loaded the returned data into SharePoint flawlessly every time. Period. If there was an error, it was our error and in that case, the connector appropriately logged the error with an intelligible message. The Cloud Connector’s interface is easy to understand and use. Anyone familiar with utilities in the Microsoft stack will be productive immediately. Our recommendation: The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a no brainer.
Barry Noble, SYNEV / ChemWerth
When implementing Office 365/SharePoint linking existing database is the challenge and Cloud Connector is the Solution.
Stephane Blais, Owner and CTO, A2B Solution
The Layer2 Cloud Connector allows for an easy to configure and versatile platform independent broker service that will allow an integration between products.
Jonathan Matthes, SharePoint Gurus Pty Ltd.
Moving file shares to Sharepoint Online has become a very cost efective solution for businesses. Using the Cloud Connector simplifies the process and overcomes the limitations found using the Microsoft Sync client thereby reducing migration costs.
Dodoer Schmid, Senior Consultant, LogicalTech
The Layer2 Connector is a tool that no SharePoint farm should be without. It allows organizations to integrate business data into SharePoint solutions that extend the functionality of enterprise applications without the need to modify the application.
David Long, Tribridge

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