Let us introduce you to Layer2 File Pal, your new pal for file synchronization!


A proper file synchronization is nowadays vital for every company. If 2020/2021 has taught us anything, it is that we need to be more flexible - both in the way we work and where we work. So here is the deal: we make your data available from anywhere and anytime, and you start focusing on the really important things of your daily work.



Brand new design

A modern and intuitive user interface for a comfortable and easy way to sync your files.

From anywhere at anytime

Access your files from anywhere and at any time. Layer2 File Pal syncs your documents automatically and without any further effort.

Easy connection

Click, click, click - done! No IT-knowledge, no programming, no coding needed.

Safety first

As desktop application you maintain full control of your connections and data.


This is just the beginning: The tool offers expandable options for the integration of new features and more functions.


Take the full advantage of file synchronization, improve your business agility and avoid potentially expensive mistakes.

what you can expect

For the beginning Layer2 File Pal is a sync software for document and file syncing between Network Share (File Server), local File System, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. But soon we will implement a lot of other file sync possibilities.


With Layer2 File Pal we have no items limitations at all. Sync as much files as you need! 


Synchronize one time per hour and have your documents and files nearly in real time available wherever you are.


A sync software with an easy and intuitive user interface that makes file synchronization much easier than ever before!

How it works

Layer2 File Pal is as easy as childsplay. Let's get started!

1. Welcome to Layer2 File Pal!

2. Set up a new connection.

3. Choose your first entity and enter your information.

4. Save your entry.

5. Choose your second entity and enter your information.

6. Here is your first connection!

7. Start the sync and focus on important things ;-)

1. Initial
2. New Connection
3. First entity
4. Save
5. second entity
6. first connection
7. Synchronizing

Are you ready?


Try out Layer2 File Pal and start focusing on what is really important in your daily work!



Registrate for free and see for yourself how simple and intutive you can sync your files.


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