Asana Integration

Asana data can be integrated and synchronized codeless with various external systems, on premises or in the cloud, using the Layer2 Cloud Connector.


Learn on this page how the data integration of Asana is working with the Layer2 Cloud Connector by using the step-by-step screenshot tutorial and reading our important advice and frequently asked questions. Make use of the benefits and features of this data integration tool by trying it out yourself: Free Trial Registration




In fact, you only need to do the 5 following steps to get your Asana data integration started.



  • Setup your connection as required: in this case one-way.
  • Setup your data source, in this case Asana database.
  • Setup your target– for example Office 365 or a SharePoint list or library.
  • Setup your mapping.
  • Start your project!
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Asana step-by-step data integration via the Layer2 Cloud Connector


Use this step-by-step-instruction to get through the whole product and data integration configuration easily. Some steps require a copy-paste task of code snippets. Please follow the recommendations in this instruction closely.

Connection setup in the Layer2 Cloud Connector for asana integration
Source setup for Asana integration in the Layer2 Cloud Connector
Connection string setup for asana integration in the Layer2 Cloud Connector
target setup for asana integration in the Layer2 Cloud Connector
Mapping in the Layer2 Cloud Connector for Asana data integration
Start of Asana integration via layer2 Cloud Connector
preview data in the Layer2 Cloud Connector for Asana integrations
Asana data for an integration
Finished: Asana integration in SharePoint

Specific Connection String for your Asana integration


Please copy and paste this connection string and the "Select Statement" into the designated field like described in Step 2.5 of the step-by-instruction above.




Please enter the following SQL query into the "Select Statement" as well and adjust the placeholder.




Here are some good hints for your data integration


  • URI: is the URL to your project, users, or the data you want to get.
  • Callback URL: must be identical to your Redirect URL from the Asana app you created. Don’t forget the port.
  • OAuth Client ID and Secret are the data you got from your Asana app.
  • Once you are there don’t click on Test Connection. A browser should pop up and the connection should be created successfully.
  • NOTE: You may restart the service Layer2 Cloud Connector Service under services.msc to see the provider in the Data Provider box from the Cloud Connector.

Benefits of using the Layer2 Cloud Connector for your Asana data integration

Time saving

Quick and easy installation in just minutes. Combine your data automatically in the background and benefit of better insights and greater revenues.

Multi-talent tool

Sync your Asana data one-way locally or cloud-based and use it for migration, backup, or permanent synchronization projects. It is up to you.

High security

There is no access to your corporate data from the internet and no data transfer will occur to 3rd-parties. You have the full control.

Many setting options

Use the Layer2 Cloud Connecor in a very easy and simple way, or benefit from customizable options and features. You decide.

Many data provider included

Use our own customized providers for common systems. Many more vendor-specific or 3rd party ADO.NET data providers are supported as well.

Cost-effective licensing

Two product editions are available: Personal Edition (for one connection only) and Professional Edition (for multiple connections). In addition, you can benefit from our Software Assurance.

Known limitations and workarounds


Please take into account our advice and known limitations.


URL Issue: You must specify the URI you want to get the data from in your ODBC connection. You will only get the data from this URL. If you want other data, you may change the URL in the ODBC driver.



Some relevant URL's are:




Read the Asana api documentation for more information:






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