BDLC Version History - New Features & Solved Issues


The FAQs and version history below are about the Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint (BDLC) product. For any questions please use the FAQ Web Form or contact [email protected] directly. 



BDLC V6.2 and higher


The change log and release notes are moved and can now be subscribed as RSS feed. Please take a look here for more information.






  • Detailed error reports are now available for manual or background list updates - linked in the list settings dialog and attached to the corresponding "BDLC Configuration List" item.
  • Error messages with type "Unexpected" now have corresponding entries in the SharePoint ULS. 




  • Localization issues with German versions regarding "BDLC Configuration List" are fixed. BDLCKonfigurationsListe now successfully detected.
  • "Object reference not set..." type errors because of expired sessions (>20 minutes) are fixed on the "BDLC List Settings" page.
  • "The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator." This error was related to specific list access rights and is now fixed. You can continue to work with data sets much larger than the SharePoint list view threshold (5.000 items). The BDLC can be used to synchronize 100.000 items and more, if required.
  • Wrong error message after add columns with valid mapping fixed.
  • "BDLC Configuration List" items are removed when the corresponding configured list gets deleted. Removed items can be recovered by SharePoint admins using the recycle bin of the current site collection.




  • Single line of text fields now have 255 characters (limited before to 241). That could cause an update for all items initially after upgrade.
  • The solution feature was renamed: SharePoint Business Data List Connector by Layer2 => Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint.




Please note that any upgrade from V5 and lower versions to V6 needs a new license file (license upgrade).

Otherwise the following error message will be raised: Invalid Product Identity - The current version '' of the product 'SharePointBusinessDataListConnector' has not been licensed.


You need to have a valid Software Assurance to request a license upgrade. Limited offer until end of 2014: You can renew your Software Assurance backdated in case of you have canceled earlier or never ordered. Please contact [email protected] for any questions.


Please use the installer to upgrade. Deactivate the Layer2 BDLC Feature in the Site Collection Features and re-acticate again. Restart the BDLC Timer Job to make use of the new features.




  • Layer2 Data Provider for Microsoft Exchange to connect and sync contacts, calendar events, tasks, notes and email metadata.
  • Custom field / column mapping to manually assign SharePoint columns to data source fields. The new feature is a great step forward to better sync with data sources that don't have any alias option in query, e.g. Active Directory, Exchange, XML etc. You can also actively ignore certain field mappings, generally - or for debugging reasons.




  • Improved migration from SharePoint 2010 to 2013. BDLC Configuration List columns are migrated without any issues. There were issues with some columns in a few configurations before.
  • Query time outs set in the BDLC Configuration List are now considered during manual list update and data preview as well. Before time outs are considered with background update only.
  • Advanced features while validating primary keys. bdlcGUID keys and primary keys that include spaces or special chars in name were not correctly verified before.
  • Issues with write-back of date / time values depending on time zone in SharePoint 2013 are fixed.




  • The BDLC TimerJob now is named "Layer2 Business Data List Connector – Background Update Job" 
  • Popup windows of data preview and mapping are now modal dialogs.



BDLC V5.3.0




  • Listupdate via Ribbon-Action is running in Long Running Operation now (No process-timeout while updating).




  • SecureStore: User with contribute rights on site collection are now able to trigger update / insert / delete actions on SharePoint List.
  • Custom Layer2 Provider will be installed now correctly on every machine.
  • Invalid date-time values will be ignored in case of update (Lower than 1900/01/01, not valid for datetime-field in SharePoint)


BDLC V5.2.1




  • Issues with SharePoint Person & Group Lookup Columns are now fixed.
  • Old style BDLC list template (15561) included again for better compatibility.
  • Licensing issues with specific providers fixed.






  • Issues with the SharePoint Secure Store used by SharePoint Timer Service for BDLC background update are fixed ("Invalid token for impersonation - it cannot be duplicated"). Still issues with SharePoint Secure Store if used with BDLC write-back option.
  • Missing "BDLC Configuration List" leads to defined error messages now with clear instructions to re-activate the solution feature to solve the issue.


BDLC V5.1.1




  • MD5 hashed host names are now supported with licensing.

Fixes / Changes:


  • In one case BDLC Configuration Lists have been newly created on each run for unknown reasons. Now a configuration list is created with BDLC feature activation only.






  • Layer2 Data Providers updated. See provider documentation for more details. Please make use of the new CSOM Provider instead of the outdated SharePoint List Provider for 2007.
  • Improved context-sensitive help for specific data providers, e.g. how to build valid connection strings, find FAQs etc.
  • Installer shows additional information about how to distribute the data providers in case of a farm-based configuration. In many cases customers did not install the data providers on each SharePoint server resulting in feature loss or runtime issues.




  • Issues in V5.02 storing connection strings in the SharePoint Secure Store are fixed. Now it works again as described here.
  • Issues with list access via 3rd party SharePoint 2013 apps are fixed.
  • Issues with confirmation pop-up in BDLC List Settings dialog, e.g. with empty primary key, are fixed.

  • CSOM Provider now supports user fields as well.




  • Separate WSP for App server installation is no longer offered / required.

BDLC V5.02




  • Improved installation now includes the Layer2 Data Provider
  • Localization improved. No more error logs in case of missing non-supported language resources
  • Improved validation of primary keys. The SharePoint list is validated as well now.
  • Improved write-back error management: SharePoint constraints like "Must be unique" are validated before write-back. Write-back is canceled in case of any issues.
  • Improved API: New public methods like EnsureUnlock, ValidateLicense.




  • BDLC list template is included again, but hidden. It was removed in V5 (last version).
  • Fixed BDLC GUID issue on Danish systems.
  • Unwanted entries of BDLC connected lists in the "BDLC Configuration List" can now be removed using the BDLC List Settings Dialog's delete button.
  • Lists can be updated directly from the BDLC List Settings dialog with unsaved configuration entry.


BDLC V5 (upgrade)


Please note that the installation of V5 requires completely uninstalling lower versions including Layer2 Data Providers before installation. Please use the installer to uninstall V4 and reinstall V5. IISReset and restart Windows SharePoint Timer Service after all changes. Deactivate and reactivate the BDLC Site Collection Feature and the Timer Job Farm Feature (in CA) after installation. All settings and data is being kept. A new license file is also required. Please request the new license file for V5 BEFORE update (V4 licenses will cause shareware limitations).




  • Improved Installation: BDLC now can be installed on any WFE and APP server with a web application instance is running on these servers.
  • Improved Architecture: Highly improved overall performance. You now can sync a few external data changes with a list of 100.000 items in just seconds.
  • Improved Layer2 Data Providers: E.g. for external SharePoint on-premise and Online (via CSOM), OData, XML and RSS.




  • Last Run and Result in the BDLC Configuration List is set by manual updates as well. Formerly it was set by background updates only.
  • Write-back events are checked on a regular base and added / removed as required.
  • Lookup and User columns are now accepting ID;#value tokens as well as ID only. Please note that this is not the case for multi-value columns.
  • User Lookup Columns with multi-value enabled are supported now. Please note that in case of multi-valued columns ID=-1 is not supported by SharePoint.
  • Improved design of the BDLC Settings Page for SharePoint 2013.
  • Separate messaging area for licensing issues at the BDLC Settings Page.
  • Email notifications changed. Notifications are given now if:

    - A list is locked while try update
    - A lock is removed programatically or ignored
    - An error is thrown during background update
    - An error is thrown during manual update
    - An error is thrown during write-back

    Please note that email send feature must be set up server-side and the given email address must be valid.




  • Background update timer job did not run on SharePoint App Servers with web services disabled. See new features.
  • If a list is locked write-backs are canceled with error message now. In earlier versions the error message was missed in some cases.
  • If DelayUntilUnlock is set to true and Backgroundupdate is set to false manual updates caused error messages ("PK-Constraint") in some cases for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Fixed now.


BDLC V4.1.1 - Fixes


  • Localization issues with reporting per email fixed.



BDLC V4.1 - New Features and Fixes


  • New: Automatic unlock feature. Locked lists have caused issues in some cases in the past. A list remains locked after update e.g. in case of server down, IISReset or process recycling while updating. Now list admins can enter an automatic unlock time. If locked, after this time a list is getting unlocked automatically if required. The time is in minutes. Please choose a time that is significant longer than the typical duration for an update. In case a list is unlocked automatically you will be notified to the given notification email.
  • New: Error Reporting. An email adress can be given per list to notify the list admin in case of errors. Please note, that only one address cann be given. There is no validation of this adress. SMTP must be configured on the server for the email to be sent. The maximal number of notifications per list and update (default: 10) and the email template itself (max. 2000 chars) can be customized directly in the "BDLC Configuration List" at the root site of your site collection.
  • Known issues: For SharePoint 2013 there is no automatic feature activation. Please activate manually in the Site Collection Settings (not Site Settings).


BDLC V4.0.2 - Fixes


  • There was an issue with BDLC installation with SharePoint Server 2013 with German Language pack installed. The issue is fixed in the current release.


BDLC V4.0.1 - Fixes and Changes


  • Changed: License API changes to use same providers as the Layer2 Cloud Connector product.
  • Changed: Improved error messages in case of provider issues.
  • Fixed: Update on demand button in ribbon now displayed in calendar type lists as well.
  • Fixed: Configuration list not found issue better managed now (logging, re-creation).
  • Fixed: With background update enabled, now interval and next run controls are enabled as well.




BDLC V4.0 - New Features and Changes


Please note that V4 is a major release that requires a valid Software Assurance to upgrade. Please request renewed license key files before update. Contact [email protected] in case of any questions.


  • New: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Public Beta fully supported.
  • New: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 supported.
  • New: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 supported.
  • New: XPath-based Layer2 XML Data Provider to sync with XML files and web requests (read-only) now included.
  • New: CSOM-based Layer2 SharePoint Data Provider to sync with SharePoint 2010 / 2013 lists now included. SharePoint on-premise and cloud (Office 365, SharePoint Online) supported as external data source. The provider offers read and write (write-back) features.
  • New: Layer2 Data Provider for OData, e.g. to sync Microsoft CRM and other external data sources with OData support now included with read / write (write-back) features.
  • Changed: Improved error messages in case of 3rd party driver issues.
  • Fix: No more "unexpected exception" in ULS in case of no license file found (Shareware mode), with Trace Severity < High.
  • Fix: Secure Store connection strings now works as documented here. There were issues with some specific more complex connection strings before.
  • Known Issue: Calling a webservice over SSL in SharePoint SSL (e.g. Office 365 via CSOM) could raise "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel..." error message.
    See here about how to solve:
    In short: You have to add the (root) certificate to your SharePoint certificate store.


BDLC V3.71 - New Features, Fixes and Changes


  • FIX: Fixed an issue with external custom .net providers using the DbProviderFactory.
  • FIX: Fixed validation for the select statement. Empty select statement is supported now (required for some upcoming providers).
  • NEW: Multiple lookup columns are now fully supported with BDLC, including in write-back.


BDLC V3.7 - Nex Features, Fixes, Changes

  • New: Support for SharePoint 2010 Secure Store now added. See documentation here.
  • Fix: Exception with SharePoint List Provider (SharePoint-to-SharePoint connections) for column names with more than 32 characters.
  • Fix: Exception with SharePoint List Provider (SharePoint-to-SharePoint connections) for empty source lists is fixed now.
  • Fix: Out Of Memory issue with SharePoint List Provider (SharePoint-to-SharePoint connections). Memory usage now is optimized, but still high.
  • Fix: Data type number (e.g. float, decimal etc.) can be used as primary key now without update issues.
  • Fix: Update issues with rich text fields are now fixed.
  • Fix: Activating the solution automatically on installation is now fixed.
  • Fix: Installation issues on non-SharePoint servers are fixed now.


BDLC V3.53 - Fixes and Changes


  • Fix: Last duration of background update is now correctly shown in seconds (instead of minutes).
  • Fix: Write-back sometimes failes during background update. Now fixed.
  • Fix: Recurring updates in case of -1 is used to lookup person / group fields. Now fixed.


BDLC V3.52 - Fixes and Changes


  • Fix: Int32 conversion error in data sheet view fixed.


BDLC V3.51 - Fixes and Changes


  • Fix: Great performance improvements while working with the Key Value Lookup Column add-on to keep foreign key based relationships from SQL for SharePoint lists.
  • Fix: Access rights issue fixed for manual update using ribbon button / action menu.
  • New: More detailed error messages in case of issues with write-back


BDLC V3.5 Fixes and Changes


  • New: Advanced background update settings available in user interface: Next run, interval.
  • New: Background update information available in interface: Time and duration of last run, last message.
  • New: You can unlock configuration item in user interface. Before this was possible in the BDLC Configuration List only.
  • New: You can unlock configuration in API now.
  • New: You can enable or disable declarative workflows during background update per API.
  • Fix: Time out settings are applied for SQL verification (if set before).
  • Fix: Update and Enable WriteBack funktions now are working correctly if using the API.
  • Fix: The Layer2 SharePoint Provider now returns all items by paging automatically - independent of page size settings in source view.


BDLC V3.4.3 - Fixes and Changes


  • FIX: Type conversion issue (error message) with big integer data source types
    such as Int64 or BigInt fixed.
  • FIX: critical access rights issue while write-back fixed.
  • FIX: Ribbon button for update on-demand was sometimes not shown correctly. Fixed now.
  • FIX: Logging for SP2010 improved, Log level issue fixed
  • FIX: Localization issue with float data type fixed.




BDLC V3.4.1 - Fixes and Changes


  • Fix: There were issues when using the new SharePoint List Provider with the Mapping of both, Title and ID Columns. That is fixed with the current release.
  • Fix: Update Menu / Button in Action Menu / Ribbon was not displayed with specific access rights setttings while users have full access to list. That is fixed with the current release.
  • Fix: Write-back did not work and stopped with error when connection string is hidden in web.config with V3.4. That is fixed with the current release.
  • Fix: Automatic feature activation of solution on installation did not work under some conditions. That is fixed with the current release.
  • Fix: Background update timer job has changed ALL entries in BDLC Configuration List on each run with 3.4. Now certain entries are changed only, and only if there is a requirement for change.
  • Fix: Background update ends with error: "The context has expired and can no longer be used. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090317)". Under some conditions and security settings the current user token expires during execution of background job. That is fixed with the current release. Now a new token is created without any error.
  • Fix: Person / Group fields in a SharePoint list could cause errors when using with write-back. That is fixed with the current release.
  • New: Improved log messages during write-back and workflow start for better debugging.


BDLC V3.4 - New major release (Free for customers with SA)


  • New: SharePoint-to-SharePoint connections are supported now with the new Layer2 SharePoint List Provider. Connections are read-only (no write-back supported). SharePoint 2007 is supported as data source as well as SharePoint 2010. See FAQs for more information and connection strings.
  • New: It's possible to completely hide the ribbon button / action menu for manual updates, e.g. if background updates should be used only. This is provided as advanced setting in the BDLC Configuration List (Hide Update Button = True, default=false).
  • New: Auto-Activate on installation. If a web application has not more than 10 Site Collections, the BDLC feature is automatically activated as site collection feature. MySites do not count.
  • Change: Primary keys are case-sensitive now.
  • Fix: Improved error messages on write-back.
  • Fix: Ribbon button / action menu is hidden / deactivated if the user has no rights to update a list.
  • Fix: Formatting of preview data was improved and errors fixed.
  • Fix: While executing timer jobs for background update, sometimes the following error message was thrown: "The context has expired and can no longer be used". This is a well-known SharePoint issue. It was fixed now with a workaround in the BDLC code.
  • Fix: While updating manually the following error message was thrown: "List update failed. One or more Field types are not installed propery(…)". This is fixed now.


BDLC V3.1.13 - Fixes and changes


  • Fix: Access denied error in some configurations while using manual list update via ribbon button is fixed now.
  • Change: If a date format is unspecified for any reason in SharePoint, now UTC is used.


BDLC V3.1.12 - Changes

  • Change: The "Layer2 SharePoint Provider" was removed from provider list. It will be back again in future versions - but now CSOM-based - to connect to all SharePoint 2010 servers, including Office 365 and any other sandboxed.


BDLC V3.1.11 - Fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Declarative Workflow does not run on insert with background update.
  • Change: The "bdlcGuid" column for automatic generation of unique GUIDs on insert is not case sensitive anymore.


BDLC V3.1.10 - Fixes


  • Fixed: Validation error while using multimple primary keys.
  • Fixed: Processing errors while updating lists with multiple primary keys


BDLC V3.1.9 - Fixes

  • Fixed: DateTime can be used as Primary Key now.
  • Fixed: Write-back typecast issues in case of float / double values in SharePoint and DB with specific language settings.
  • Fixed: Pulling data from text fields in data source mapped to person / group lookups in SharePoint now works correctly.
  • Fixed: Pulling data from text fields in data source mapped to URL columns in SharePoint now works correctly.


BDLC V3.1.8 - Fixes


  • Writeback issues in case of different data types solved. Data type mapping generally improved.



BDLC V3.1.7 - Fixes and modifications


  • The previous shareware limitation of maximum 3 lists per site collection was removed.
  • Writeback issue in case of bool / int combination of columns / fields solved.


BDLC V3.1.6 - (Internal version only)


BDLC V3.1.5 - New Features:


  • There was an issue using unique identifiers with BDLC with write-back enabled. Now there is a new best-practice approach, how to use SharePoint as a database frontend and manage inserts using GUIDs as a primary key:

    1. Create a database field bdlcGuid (case-sensitive) as uniqueidentifier (for SQL Server) or String field for other systems as primary key or use this alias in the query for such a field.
    2. Create a SharePoint Column bdlcGuid (case-sensitive) as string field.
    3. Take care, that both fields are mapped. Check mapping for this.
    4. Set bdlcGuid as primary key in the BDLC Settings dialog
    5. When new items are created on the SharePoint side, bdlcGUID is pre-set with a newly generated Guid automatically.
    6. When new items are created on the database side, GUIDs are also created in case of SQL Server. Please enter something similar manually in case of other systems.
    7. In this way SharePoint can be used for database data acquisition with BDLC.

    Please note, that the title column by default is set to the primary key value, if not mapped. We advice, to map the title column in the query to something more useful, e.g. an expression of important columns.
  • Improved feature: In case of licensing issues advanced error messages are displayed in the BDLC configuration dialog.


BDLC V3.1.4 - Fix:


  • Write-back database update operations failed in datasheet view for certain column / field types (e.g. float, datetime). That is fixed in 3.1.4.


BDLC V3.1.3 - (internal, not released to public)

BDLC V3.1.2 - Fix:

  • When SharePoint list item properties are modified by workflows (e.g. manually triggered) with write-back enabled, changes in mapped fields are written to the database immediately (update operation). But there was an issue, that delivered NULL instead of current values. This is fixed in 3.1.2. Now all mapped current properties (unchanged and changed) are correctly delivered to the database.


BDLC V3.1.1 - Fix:

  • Blanks in database text fields (e.g. instead of NULL values or empty strings) have caused ongoing background updates because of an issue with the SharePoint batch import API.
    This is fixed in 3.1.1. Now these columns / fields are updated on data change only, as expected.


BDLC V3.1 - Changes, fixes and new features:


  • New: There is an installer now for the SharePoint 2010 version too. No need for dealing with Powershell anymore. It can be used to savely install, upgrade and remove BDLC.
  • New: There is an update button now in the toolbar for SharePoint 2010, similar to the update action in the action menu in MOSS 2007. For manual update on demand there is no need anymore to enter the BDLC settings dialog. Users must have create / update / delete rights for the list content. There is no need anymore to have the right to modify list settings.
  • New: In the BDLC settings dialog, if no primary key is set, there is a warning now on save. Please keep in mind that without any primary key, items are completely deleted and re-inserted on each update! That might be no problem with small lists. But it is advised to set a primary key in any case, if possible. These "primary key" is related to a SharePoint column only, not to a database field. It has to be unique, but it must not be a native primary key in the database. For SharePoint 2010 you can set the "Unique" property for the column to ensure this.
  • New: There is an API now also for update actions. Now all BDLC related features can be programmed using the API, e.g. list creation, connect to external database, configure BDLC Settings and start data update.
  • New: There will be an additional product "Key Value Lookup Column" that allows native lookups to another list. For those type of lookups not the SharePoint Item ID is used (as in SharePoint OOB lookup column) but any pair of key / value columns in a SharePoint list.
    In this way complex database projects normalized with foreign keys can be moved completely to SharePoint without any loss of integrity.
  • Fix: There was an issue with starting declarative workflows (SPD and Visio - not VS-based) with background updates. The issue was originally causes by MOSS 2007 SP1. This is fixed in BDLC V3.1. Now all types of workflows start with manual and background update for changed items only in the same way for WSS, MOSS and SharePoint 2010. Please keep in mind that a primary key must be used in this case.
  • Fix: There was an issue with ignored database inserts when entered in datasheet view. This is fixed in V3.1.
  • Fix: Column / Field mapping: Database fields, that have similar names to SharePoint system columns (id, contenttypeid, contenttype, modified, created, author, editor, attachments, last_x0020_modified, created_x0020_date, uniqueid, guid) are now mapped and handled correctly. They will be created and mapped with the prefix "bdlc" in the SharePoint list. Please note, that you cannot update any SharePoint system column with database content.
  • Fix: There was an issue with datetime fields (database) mapped to text columns (SharePoint). The content was found different in any case, so there where contignous updates. This is fixed in V3.1
  • Fix: Writeback will be disabled now automatically, if no primary key is set.
  • Change: Lookup columns / fields are now mapped and supported with BDLC. Lookup fields will be updated bi-directional and - if there is valid content in the respective database string field - the lookup field will work as expected for those type of fields.
  • Change: Custom columns / fields are now supported with BDLC. The columns are mapped to database fields and the content is updated bi-directional.
  • Change: Some error messages are changed. Please see resource files for more details and localization possibly required for non english / german systems.
  • Change: BDLC Settings Page: Layout was changed.


BDLC V3.0 - Changes, fixes and new features:


  • Write-back to data-source was introduced
  • See more information here.


BDLC V2.0 - Changes, fixes and new features:

  • BDLC lists are no longer of a special type. You cause al existing list types, e.g. contacts or custom list. The BDLC list type is kept for compatibility reasons.
  • There is an Action Menu now to update BDLC lists.
  • Usage of Access Rights was improved: If you update with action menu, "Add Item", "Delete Item", "Update Item" right is required only. To access the settings dialog, "manage Lists" rights are required. That could prevent users from acess to security relevant information like connection strings or select statemenets.
  • The connection string can be stored in the web.config instead of the settings dialog for security reasons. If you define a term myConnectionString in your AppSettings section of web.config, you can use web.config:myConnectionString as BDLC connection string.
  • You no longer have to use the prefix "bdlc" to create a field mapping to data source fields. Simply chose the same name for data source fields and Sharepoint list columns to map. Use the "Check Mapping" feature to verify that, because sometimes Sharepoint choses unexpected internal field names.
    But the prefix "bdlc" in internal field names is still supported for compatibility reasons.
  • There is no "Create" button anymore, to completely re-create the list structure It is replaced by an "Add Columns" button. Any external data source fields, that are not in the SharePoint list, are added. You have to delete unused columns manually as usual in SharePoint, if no longer required.
  • If list data is updated using the update button, a new warning dialogue is displayed. List data could be changed, with respect to your external data source. Take care, if you connect and update an existing SharePoint list the very first time. If, for example, the data source is empty - all SharePoint list items are deleted.
  • There are some improvements with support of certain data types, e.g. float, yes/no, currency, lookup, text, note etc.
  • Licensing issues in some certain configurations with V2.0.0 are solved in V2.01
  • Until V2.01 all list items are deleted, while adding new columns in SharePoint to the BDLC list. That was changed in V2.02. Now no items are deleted while adding a new column to the BDLC list. The items can be updated after adding a new column to fill data into the newly added column.
  • More details you will find here.


BDLC V1.6 - Changes, fixes and new features:


  • Most special characters in field names are mapped automatically now, including öäüß.- etc.
  • Field/Column mapping is no longer case sensitive, e.g. CustomerID is mapped to Customerid
  • Mapping errors raises an errror message after creation of SharePoint list structure now, so that you can check field mappings and see, what's happened.
  • String fields are created as "Single line text" column in SharePoint with < 256 characters now and shortened if required by default. You have to modify the SharePoint list column type from "Single Line Text" to "Multiline Text" to store strings that are longer as 255 characters. In this way SharePoint list features like filtering will work by default.
  • The "All Items" view is modified by default to show the title column with edit link
  • The Title column is filled with the primary key(s) by default, if not mapped otherwise.
  • Update improvements in case of date / time fields
  • Update improvements for float data type
  • HTML content in fields is now transferred correctly to SharePoint
  • BDLC based lists can now updated on demand per URL or page load without to go to the BDLC settings dialog
  • In some cases empty columns are not correctly updated with non-empty external data in V1.6. This was fixed in V1.61.
  • V1.62 was released to provide advanced error messages during import. The first error is reported more detailed now.
  • In some cases update/insert errors occur, if list columns are deleted in SharePoint after first import. That was fixed in 1.63.
  • More details see here.


BDLC V1.5 - Changes, fixes and new features:


  • BDLC list configuration dialog can't be accessed (Unspecific SharePoint error message). Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed. Please update your .NET Framework to current version. This is fixed in V1.5
  • Please take care, if you have columns in your data source with special characters or spaces in column name, e.g. "tel nr" or "Straße". These columns are shown in preview and are correctly created in the SharePoint BDLC list. But they are not updated. This is fixed in V1.5
  • If one update timer job ends with error for any reason, no other Jobs are executed.
    The job is set to locked in the configration list. This is fixed in V1.5


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