Feature Comparison: Layer2 SharePoint Provider vs. Layer2 Office 365 Fast File Sync

With the Layer2 Data Provider for Office365 Fast File Sync we recently added a new provider to access files and folders in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 online tenants. As noted in the specification article the Fast File Sync provider has several limitations to the CSOM provider. Learn here what limitations these are in detail.


Layer2 SharePoint Provider
Layer2 Office365 Fast File Sync
Limitations / Features

Support of custom lists, calendars, contacts
Multi threaded upload
Automatic Renaming
Automatic Zipping
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016 / Office 365
Folder as Target
Check-in / Check-out
Yes (provider might create multiple versions for a single update)Yes (provider might create multiple versions for a single update)
Conflict Resolution
YES ('WinnerLoser', 'FailAndAbort', 'WarnAndContinue', 'KeepBoth'YES ('KeepBoth' is not supported)
Switching Providers
Use CSOM Provider AFTER Fast File SyncDO NOT use Fast File Sync AFTER CSOM Provider
5'000 files (2.38 GB)
6 hours55 minutes (28 min without metadata)


As you can clearly see, the benefits of the Layer2 SharePoint provider comes with a significantly increased time effort to upload files to SharePoint. With the Office 365 Fast File Sync we stripped the provider of all "unnecessary" feature to provide a really fast upload experience.

If you need the convenience features like renaming but still need an upload in a proper time frame, you can combine the two providers for your connection. Start with the Office 365 Fast File Sync and upload all uncritical data to your SharePoint. After that, switch to the Layer2 SharePoint provider and repeat the synchronization. Now all files that were skipped by the Fast File Sync will be uploaded with renaming and all. But keep in mind, due to these features the combination works only this way, first the Fast File Sync, then the Layer2 SharePoint provider, not the other way round.

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