How to sync Document Sets in SharePoint


Learn how to synchronize SharePoint Document Sets.



‚ÄčIt is possible to sync SharePoint Document Sets with the Cloud Connector.


This method only syncs the documents that have been assigned to a Document Set; it DOES NOT move the details, settings, or the custom welcome page of the Document Set itself.


  • First create an exact copy of the existing Document Set in the Target SharePoint site to use in the Library they are going to sync with. As noted above, Cloud Connector cannot transfer the settings of the Document Set itself.
  • Make sure the Document Set type is enabled in the Target library (will lead to 404 errors when you try to sync if it's not enabled).
  • Once the Document Set is configured and enabled on the Target library, you need to add an additional mapping pair in the CC connection file for ContentType (System.String) on both sides.
  • Now you can sync Documents with an assigned Document Set and have that be properly shown in the target Library.



(Need to know about creating Document Sets in SharePoint: Learn more in the Office Help.)


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