Layer2 Cloud Connector Advanced Task Scheduling Script

With the Layer2 Cloud Connector Scheduling Service, you can schedule your connections so they may run automatically. This script is used to start your connections using the Windows Task Scheduler. The Windows Task Scheduler offers a larger variety of trigger options compared to the regular Layer2 Cloud Connector settings.


In this FAQ we are describing the following:


Script download and requirements

  • Download the scheduling script:
  • Layer2 Cloud Connector needs to be installed, and the Backend Service needs to be running.
  • PowerShell should be at least V5.


How to set up script based scheduling

Save the zip archive to your system, extract the file and make sure the script extension is ‘.ps1’. Open the Windows-Task Scheduler, create a new task, and configure the following:


  • Action: Start a program
  • Program/script: PowerShell.exe
  • Add argument: -Command "& 'C:\MyFilePath\Powershellscript.ps1' -connections 'MyConnectionName1, MyConnectionName2, ...'"

Notes and ideas

  • With this script, multiple connections can be scheduled together at the same time with the Task Scheduler.
  • Every Connection name in the Task Scheduler argument should be separated by a “,” (comma).
  • The Cloud Connector Backend Service should be in the running state.
  • This script is provided as-is and is not covered by our Layer2 Product Support.

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