Not Well formatted JSON stream

An incomplete/cut response from SharePoint (which is JSON) during the read operation can cause the following errors:


"Not well formatted JSON stream."


“Error reading from entity 'MyEntity': Cannot handle the data at position xxx”



The cause for this incomplete response is unknown to us. We are in contact with Microsoft and they suspect that this could indicate a client-side network issue, but the root cause is yet to be found.


This issue is often just a transient error that usually resolves itself after a while. Since the response from SharePoint is cut even before it reaches the Layer2 Cloud Connector we can’t fix this issue.


With version the Layer2 Cloud Connector has been changed to retry reading from SharePoint up to three times in case this issue occurs. If the third retry fails again, the synchronization is aborted as the Cloud Connector can do nothing to work around the issue.


If you encounter this error, you should make sure to update to the latest version.


Most of our affected customers were able to resolve this issue by adjusting the reading batch size. If the error persists after upgrading to the latest version you can try adding the following parameter to your connection string: "ReadingBatchSize=2000;". You can adjust the value to match the needs of your environment and lower or raise it if necessary.


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