Office 365 Authentication Issue: Html input not found: 't' or 'code'


Office 365 authentication error: 'Html input not found' in Layer2 Cloud Connector. There are workarounds for this known issue.



This FAQ applies if you are getting one of these errors:


Verification failed: Error reading from entity '<entityName>': 'Office365' with '[user, <userAccount>]' on 'https://<company>' failed: Html input not found: 't' at ''.


Verification failed: Error reading from entity '<entityName>': 'Office365' with '[user, <userAccount>]' on 'https://<company>' failed: Html input not found: 'code' at ''.


In earlier versions, it may also appear as:
The authentication-description 'office365' is invalid!


This is caused by a change to the authentication login process by Microsoft that has rendered our Office365 authentication method unusable with it. They appear to be rolling out the change over time, so connections that were working before may suddenly stop with one of the above errors. 

How to Fix


There are two ways to fix this issue:


Option #1 - Legacy workaround
There's a second built-in version of the Office365 authentication which still works. To use this, change your authentication parameter to the following:


Option #2 - Update to the latest version of the Cloud Connector
We have updated the authentication in the latest version of the Cloud Connector, so if you have active Software Assurance, you can download and install the new version with the fix from the url provided with your license email. Information about updating is in the User Documentation PDF included with the installation package (and here on our site) under the "Upgrade" section.


If you are using an older major version (version 6.* or older), then you may need a new license file. For assistance with getting a new license file or checking your Software Assurance status, please contact [email protected].

Need More Help?


​For technical questions or help with additional authentication errors, please contact [email protected].


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