Release Notes of Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can be used to connect and sync various enterprise data sources codeless, on-premises and in the cloud, especially with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange and Dynamics CRM/ERP. Please find the release notes and version history for the Layer2 Cloud Connector here. You can subscribe to the RSS feed (works best with Firefox) to stay up-to-date in Firefox or NewsFlow. If you have questions or issues, please join the Layer2 Cloud Connector Community at LinkedIn or contact [email protected] directly.

Release Notes - Layer2 Cloud Connector
V5.5.4 (01/2015)

Version 5.5.4


  • On the connection property page a summary of the last synchronization run is shown.
  • The metabase will now be automatically saved during synchronizations. (Every hour by default)


  • Background synchronizations (scheduled connections) were sometimes not using the latest changes to the connection file until the service was restarted.
  • The keep-both conflict resolution has been reimplemented keeping conflicted files on the "slave"-side of the connection and keeping the "master"-entity unconflicted to support N:1 sync-szenarios. Existing connections won't be affected until an actual conflict occurrs. In that case, the record will be skipped and an error will be logged.
  • The SharePoint Provider did not escape folders starting with the tilde (~) character and instead threw a "File Not Found." error.
  • Synchronizing to or from a file system with a path exceeding the file system path limit threw an error that did not name the path causing this error.
  • A "primary key is not unique"-error was coming up if the only difference between two files or folders was leading or trailing whitespace.
  • If files will be zipped because their extension is prohibited by SharePoint, there will now be a warning in the log, informing which SharePoint-error actually caused the zipping.
  • The "first run" option has been renamed to "first synchronization"
  • In some cases, an aborting error during a manual synchronization run was displayed as still running.

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