Release Notes of Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can be used to connect and sync various enterprise data sources codeless, on-premises and in the cloud, especially with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange and Dynamics CRM/ERP. Please find the release notes and version history for the Layer2 Cloud Connector here. You can subscribe to the RSS feed (works best with Firefox) to stay up-to-date in Firefox or NewsFlow. If you have questions or issues, please join the Layer2 Cloud Connector Community at LinkedIn or contact [email protected] directly.

Release Notes - Layer2 Cloud Connector
V6.1.7 (03/2016)



  • New Layer2 Odata Provider. Now supporting OData V1-V4, Atom and Json formats. The old provider is still accessible as Layer2 OData Provider (legacy).
  • Dynamic authentications now provide a scope-identifier for defining the scope of the authentication data.
  • New authentication for SharePoint form-digest.




  • Synchronizing Person/Group fields within the same SharePoint instance did not work for custom SharePoint groups.
  • When calling a web service with the Layer2 OData Provider (legacy), a '/' was added between collection name and select statement. Although most web services don't care about this '/', some return an error. The slash is now removed.
  • Files with too long path no longer lead to abortion of the synchronization, but the files are skipped with error message.
  • Enterprise Keyword fields in SharePoint no longer lead to errors but are excluded from the synchronization.
  • In case KeepBoth is selected as conflict resolution strategy for a non-file synchronization, an error is thrown and conflicted items are skipped.
  • Memory consumption of synchronizations of large files has been reduced.
  • The Layer2 Odata Provider (legacy) no longer adds an extra '/' to the Url
  • The background service no longer starts a connection a second time if the last run has not been finished yet.
  • Errors during the creation of a support package were missing some details in the log message.
  • In some cases, log-messages were written into the system.log, even if they are actually part of a connection-run.
  • When synchronizing data while having a GUID column mapped to a string column without length limitations, these items were skipped with an error about an invalid cast from GUID to string.
  • There was an issue when fields with different names were mapped and WarnAndContinue has been chosen as conflict resolution strategy. If these fields had a conflict, an error was thrown.
  • The Layer2 Soap Provider did not support parameters of type Boolean and Int32
  • It was possible to start an aborting connection (while the aborting process was not done) via MMC by changing a connection setting and saving.
  • Password was logged when the connection-string was invalid.
  • While synchronizing, if a string-value in a field contained a GUID, it was tried to be converted to a GUID (Instead of only convert it, if it actually is a GUID)
  • When synchronizing many items to SharePoint lists, in some cases the memory consumption got very high.
  • Missing access to metadata cache location prevented usage of the old (deprecated) OData provider
  • More than 5000 folders in a SharePoint library caused 'folder already exists' errors due to SharePoint not reporting the correct folder structure.




  • The version history link in the version.html has been updated.
  • nlog.config is no longer part of the support package
  • Authentications made with the authentication construction kit can now define their own scope identifier, which defines the scope of the caching mechanism.
  • The Layer2 Soap Provider now can query for a "singleWsdl" using an optional connectionstring parameter "wsdlQuery=SingleWsdl" if the Soap service supports this.
  • For dynamic authentications, file system access is no longer mandatory.
  • It is now configurable if Json contents will be synchronized according to IEEE-754 or not.
  • The Layer2 XML Provider now supports merging of different node-sets (by using the Xpath '|'-operator)
  • The Layer2 XML Provider now supports aliases for fields.

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