Release Notes of Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can be used to connect and sync various enterprise data sources codeless, on-premises and in the cloud, especially with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange and Dynamics CRM/ERP. Please find the release notes and version history for the Layer2 Cloud Connector here. You can subscribe to the RSS feed (works best with Firefox) to stay up-to-date in Firefox or NewsFlow. If you have questions or issues, please join the Layer2 Cloud Connector Community at LinkedIn or contact [email protected] directly.

Release Notes - Layer2 Cloud Connector
V6.3.7 (04/2016)

Version 6.3.7




  • New memory-handling strategy implemented, including buffered file-upload streaming, forced garbage-collections and several other optimizations.
  • The Layer2 Provider for SharePoint as well as the Layer2 Provider for FileSystem now perform consistency checks on deletions. If an inconsistent deletion is detected, synchronization will break with an error. An inconsistent delete is the deletion of folder which contains files or folders that should not be deleted. This prevents from unwanted deletions due to misconfiguration.
  • The used NLog version has been updated to v4.2.3. Among others this allows usage of layout renderers for SQL targets (to avoid errors due to single quotes in messages) as well as usage of "enableSsl" required to use many modern mail systems as mail target.




  • In some cases when synchronizing SharePoint-lists with a custom composite key, while the key-fields are mapped, unexpected operations would occur.
  • If the Layer2 Provider for FileSystem encountered a '\\' the source path, it would create unexpected folders in the target.
  • In some cases the Layer2 Provider for SharePoint would abort the search for the list, if it encountered a private list.
  • When KeepBoth is set as conflict resolution method, warnings about remaining copies on file-deletions are only raised when there is an unresolved conflict on the file.
  • Not specifying a directory in the Layer2 Provider for FileSystem in neither the connection string nor the select statement resulted in an ambiguous error.
  • When using the keep-both conflict resultion on an initial sync with matching files on both sides, an error ocurred stating incorrectly that it was a SP-list sync which does not allow keep-both.
  • Keep-Both conflict resolution no longer puts conflicted files into the root folder.
  • When the content returned by an Odata service was an array, an error occurred.
  • Synchronizing empty date-fields with OData led to aborting errors in some cases.

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