Release Notes of Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can be used to connect and sync various enterprise data sources codeless, on-premises and in the cloud, especially with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange and Dynamics CRM/ERP. Please find the release notes and version history for the Layer2 Cloud Connector here. You can subscribe to the RSS feed (works best with Firefox) to stay up-to-date in Firefox or NewsFlow. If you have questions or issues, please join the Layer2 Cloud Connector Community at LinkedIn or contact [email protected] directly.

Release Notes - Layer2 Cloud Connector
V7.18.4.0 (05/2018)


  • In some rare cases if the MMC was opened for a longer period of time, the connection between MMC and backend service could be lost. This could cause the logging frame to show no entries.
  • In some cases an update from an older version could cause errors regarding multiple versions of Layer2.Common.Interfaces.IFileReference or a missing Layer2.Common.resources.
  • When reading from a SharePoint Survey list an error would occur which stated that a column already belonged to the table.
  • In rare cases trying to set an invalid value for a SharePoint multi user field could unexpectedly terminate the backend service.
  • In some rare cases the backend service was stuck in case a web request did not get a response at all.

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