8 September 2021

5 Reasons why you should move your business to the cloud

08 September 2021
Don't stay behind by losing data or letting your company's data vulnerable. Read in this article how you and your business can benefit from the cloud!

Cloud services are no longer solely for your favorite family pictures, vacation memories, or private documents. More and more companies are moving their IT management and infrastructure to the cloud. Nowadays cloud services are more secure, sustainable, agile, and cost-effective than ever before and companies are finding fewer reasons to stay on-premises. Even die-hard-traditionalists are becoming cloud-supporters.

#1 Scale smarter and faster 

Many of us want our businesses to grow. But what most of us aren’t thinking about when we imagine rapid growth is one thing that most likely lets us sink when we grow too fast without it: scalable technology. Start smaller and invest in the space you need if you have a tight budget. As your company grows, you can scale upyour technology up to as you do. How many companies pay for storage space that they don’t need?Moneythey could better spend on building their businesses.

So fast, smart, sustainable scaling takes more than interested customers, gorgeous products, and a desire for growth. It also needs IT systems that can be adapted to meet the needs of your customers. With cloud technologies business growth becomes smarter and more affordable – by long shot – without having tech hiccups along your path.

#2 Lower your costs and relieve budgets


At first sight, cloud computing might look more expensive. Adding the costs of migration from on-prem, cloud is almost always the more expensive short-term investment. But by looking at the bigger picture, that’s where on-prem starts to look less like the comfy, conservative choice and more like a pain in the neck to your IT infrastructure, business growth, and finally to your whole company budget. Just imagine an iceberg, you cannot see what’s under the surface. So, like an iceberg, the hidden costs of on-premises are huge.

Performance, security, upgrades, updates, maintenance, are just some hidden costs to list. IT time and resources can be reduced significantly by moving off-prem. Not mentioning the costs of overprovisioning physical and operational resources.

#3 Secure your data


Protect your business! Data security is crucial to every company. Besides, people want to know that their sensitive, personal data is protected. Due to several surveys, the fear about security risks in the cloud are solidly out of date. But how is the cloud more secure than on-prem? The answer is simple: disaster recovery plans, strict security testing, encryption, and a bunch of other best practices. Also, cloud technologies secure systems not only at first entry into your system, also at the individual user level.

By having your business in the cloud, you have instant access to all security updates, bug fixes and the latest features. Without the need to shut down the functionality of the whole company while upgrading on prems manually.


#4 Accelerate innovation and flexibility 


A few years ago, cloud technologies where ahead of the curve. Today it's more, it’s about strategic requirements, competitive advantage, and providing customers and employees with services they expect. Let’s say your team wants to try some new applications to be more competitive, but your IT team is swamped with projects. The cloud saves your IT team time without having to provide the space for it. Your teams can simply jump into news opportunities without having to gather for resources. All teams, also the IT, can focus more on strategic and creative work that is essential and unique to every business.

#5 Create space for collaboration


Why would you shackle your business to an outdated system? Cloud computing makes it easy for your teams to access what  they need from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Being able to provide this type of accessibility massively improves the collaboration within the company. It doesn’t matter if your teams are at a conference or visiting customers, they’ll always have access to the server and can respond to any kind of emergency. You don’t have to limit your business, on the contrary, you have the influence to ensure your competitivity.

Make the move from siloed to seamless

Yes, it might be a bigger project to move your business to the cloud. But it will be worth it! You might need a good migration plan to shift successfully your business to cloud. And the right mindset. But the key to a successful migration process is the right software. Leave the guesswork behind and start focusing on the important tasks. The Layer2 Cloud Connector supports you and shifts automatically your data to the cloud.

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