6 August 2018

Layer2 Cloud Connector referenced as a SAP & SharePoint solution by SAP PRESS

06 August 2018
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is presented with its own chapter in the recently published SAP PRESS book: "Integration von SAP und Microsoft: Der praktische Leitfaden " (Integration of SAP and Microsoft - A practical guide). The book is written in German by Holger Bruchelt and Thomas Hucke. It was published by Rheinwerk Verlag in 2018.

The book serves as a practical guide for integration, data exchange and operation and explains which technologies can be used for all Microsoft & SAP-related projects. Furthermore, the authors evaluate advantages and disadvantages of the technologies usage and give practical examples and recommendations. In the book included are technologies such as SAP Gateway, RFC and .NET Connector, SOAP, or standard interfaces provided by SAP .

SAP and SharePoint integration via Layer2 Cloud Connector

The Layer2 Cloud Connector integrates data and syncs documents between 100+ corporate data sources without programming knowledge. It is used to connect services and apps, local or cloud-based for migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization.
In the SAP PRESS book "Integration von SAP und Microsoft" the Layer2 Cloud Connector is being described as one 3rd-party option for SAP and Microsoft data integrations. In addition to the integration of Microsoft systems like SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Teams and Azure, the Layer2 Cloud Connector also supports systems from vendors such as Amazon, Google, IBM, and Oracle.

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Integration von SAP und Microsoft: Der praktische Leitfaden
von Holger Bruchelt, Thomas Hucke
374 Seiten, 2018, gebunden
SAP PRESS, ISBN 978-3-8362-6190-6

Follow this link to download and read the whole Layer2 Cloud Connector chapter for free [GERMAN].