28 January 2020

Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite product announcement

28 January 2020
Product discontinuation announcement
After careful consideration we decided to discontinue the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite. After almost 10 years of development unfortunately the KMS did not meet our expectations and we have to strike a new path.
The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite and all of the individual components listed below are no longer available for purchase with immediate effect:

• Layer2 Taxonomy Manager
• Layer2 Tag Suggester
• Layer2 Auto Tagger
• Layer2 Tag Directory Web Part
• Layer2 Tag Navigation Web Part
• Layer2 Tag Cloud Web Part
• Layer2 Related Content Web Part
• Layer2 Term Set Glossary

The Software Assurance of the KMS and its components are also no longer available. Existing active Software Assurances will be terminated by us at the end of the term and will no longer be extended. Customers with active Software Assurance still will get support until December 31, 2020. 

We appreciate and value your commitment to our products and regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause.