27 June 2016

Office 365 Groups Connectors: Layer2 adds 100+ most widely used IT-systems like SQL/ERP/CRM

27 June 2016
‚ÄčThe Layer2 Cloud Connector is now available with a new Microsoft Office 365 Groups data provider to notify group members about changes in more than 100 IT systems and apps like SQL, ERP/CRM without programming.
The new Microsoft Office 365 Groups brings together people, conversations, and content across Microsoft Office 365. By providing an integrated environment that link together emails, conversations, document storage, and calendar events, Groups create a better experience for teams to focus on group activity. Group members are now able to find all information in one place - without the need to switch from email e.g. to Yammer (for conversations) or to SharePoint (for lists and documents). Although the Office 365 Groups feature by default comes with some connectors to integrate external systems and apps, many typically used enterprise backend applications are still missing. The Layer2 Cloud Connector can now close this gap . 100+ IT systems and apps like SQL/ERP/CRM are supported to connect to Office 365 Groups codelessly via the Layer2 Data Provider for Office 365 Groups to notify group members about any data changes by posting Group Cards. Office 365 Groups Integration with SharePoint

Quickly integrate almost any enterprise data with Office 365 Groups

The Layer2 Cloud Connector comes with Office 365 Group support of a wide range of cloud-based data sources, as well as codeless data integration of 100+ on-premises applications like SQL databases, ERP/CRM/CMS systems. The connector safely runs as a Windows Service in the local network, or also in the Cloud, if required. There is no need to modify the connected systems, to open the corporate network for internet access, or to apply programming. The connector highly reduces the dependency on corporate IT and directly empowers departmental subject matter teams  to get things done faster using Office 365 Groups, with significantly reduced complexity, risks, and costs.
“A rich suite of data source adapters is already included in the package and available as ready-to-use sample connection templates, e.g. for Microsoft SharePoint on-prem and online, Exchange, Dynamics CRM/NAV/AX, OData, and XML/SOAP web services. But the connector also works seamlessly together with already existing vendor-specific data providers, e.g. for SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM AS/400, IBM DB2, Informix, SAP and 100+ more”. Many 3rd party data providers, e.g. for Salesforce, Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. are also supported”, Frank Daske, Product Manager at Layer2, explains the new Office 365 Groups connectivity options.
Office 365 Groups connectivity is just one option for the Layer2 Cloud Connector. It can also be used to connect the supported systems directly with each other as well as for document migration, backup and general data synchronization.

Customers with Software Assurance can upgrade without any additional costs

Existing customers of the Layer2 Cloud Connector with Software Assurance can profit from the new features with a free upgrade. New prospects can download the Cloud Connector after registration as a completely free Shareware Edition on the vendor’s product homepage. Hundreds of regional Layer2 VAR partners are ready to support the upgrade process and can provide help to connect customer-specific IT-systems to Office 365 Groups.