29 November 2018

PayPal Now Available to Integrate With SharePoint, Office 365, and SQL Databases by Layer2

29 November 2018
The IT company "Layer2 leading solutions" announces PayPal to be integrated with a wide range of IT backend systems with the Layer2 Cloud Connector.

PayPal is an operator of an online payment service serving as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods. As a market-leading provider of data integration and document synchronization solutions for the Microsoft Cloud, we are now enable the data integration of PayPal with more than 100 selected systems. “As PayPal has more than 254 million active users in over 200 markets, we at Layer2 believe that it is a great idea to give businesses the opportunity to migrate all financial transactions in commonly used environments like SharePoint, Excel, Access, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or CosmosDB. With it, all important data are stored at one place,” says Wolfgang Cords, General Manager at Layer2.

The Layer2 Cloud Connector optimizes collaboration and budgets by decreasing complexity, costs, and projects risks

The Layer2 Cloud Connector serves as a “Swiss-Army-Knife” of data integration, migration, synchronization, and backup. The used systems can be both, local and cloud-based.
Above all, it is seamless without programming efforts and modifying on the connected systems; hence no installation is required. A matching data provider is a part of the Layer2 Enterprise Edition.
To learn more about how to connect PayPal with a system like Microsoft SharePoint, visit the following solution page of Layer2 leading solutions: https://www.layer2solutions.com/solutions/general-data-integration/paypal-integration

Free download after registration

Layer2 prospects can download a free Shareware Edition of the Layer2 Cloud Connector after registration.