1 February 2018

Quotewerks® now fully integrated with the Layer2 Cloud Connector by Layer2 leading solutions.

01 February 2018
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now able to connect to QuoteWerks® to integrate Office 365, SharePoint and more than 100 other IT backend systems without programming

QuoteWerks® - a product by Aspire Technologies, Inc. is a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software for creating sales quotes and proposals automatically. It works with common Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Dynamics CRM and Sugar CRM or other systems, in which customer information is stored like Google Contacts or Microsoft Outlook.

With the Layer2 Cloud Connector, a product for seamless data integration, synchronization, migration and backup, it is now possible to integrate QuoteWerks® with other systems and applications especially like Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, whether they are on-premises or cloud-based. Users have the ability to migrate their customer data stored in SharePoint or Office 365 directly to QuoteWerks® without the need of an additional CRM or manual import. Hence, it establishes new ways for accountants and sales managers in the process of generating customer quotes and proposals and increase business revenues.

Layer2 Cloud Connector - a tool for migration, synchronization, and backup of files and documents

The Layer2 Cloud Connector, a “Swiss Army Knife” for cloud data integration, optimizes collaboration and budgets by decreasing the complexity, the costs, and the risks of projects and reducing the dependency on corporate IT or other department teams.

The product is simple to use, though no additional tools or programming are required, whether it’s hosted in public, in private clouds (e.g. Azure) or locally (as a Windows Service). The setup is finished in a few minutes guided by wizards. Customers don’t need to install or customize the QuoteWerks data source or the data destination and have a wide range of flexibility due to a rich suite of already included Data Providers. While programming is generally not required, dynamic columns can be added directly in C# to cleanup data, implement data transformation and translation, or add customer specific business logic.

“The Layer2 Cloud Connector works seamlessly together with already existing vendor-specific data providers, e.g. for SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM AS/400, IBM Db2, Informix, SAP and 100 more. Many 3rd party data providers, e.g. for Salesforce, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. are supported”, explains Matthias Hupe, General Manager at Layer2.

Customers with a software assurance can upgrade without any additional costs

Existing customers of the Layer2 Cloud Connector with a software assurance can profit from the new features with a free upgrade. New prospects can download the connector after registration as a completely free shareware edition on the vendor’s homepage. Regional Layer2 VAR partners are ready to support the upgrade process and can provide help to make use of the new solution.