14 November 2018

Slack data integration with Office 365 & SharePoint is now available

14 November 2018
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is now able to connect the team collaboration tool Slack to integrate data to a wide range of IT backend systems such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, ERP/CRM. Other solutions like Shopify & PayPal are available as well.

Slack is a freemium cloud-based team collaboration tool launched in August 2013. The tool offers a notable search functionally for files, conversations, and people created in chat rooms.

As the Slack usage is highly increased over the years, we now provide the possibility to integrate data between Slack and 100+ other systems with the Layer2 Cloud Connector. Although Slack offers various integrations with JIRA, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, and Google Drive, highly asked systems like Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 are missing. Known as a market-leading provider of data integration solutions in the Microsoft environment, we close this gap via the Layer2 Cloud Connector.

Seamless integration of data in just minutes without programming

In general, the Layer2 Products are characterized by adding additional features to the Microsoft Cloud which help customers to quickly adapt and improve working with their software without any specific data integration knowledge. Data integration via the Layer2 Cloud Connector is seamless without programming efforts and modifying on the connected systems, hence no installation or customization on Slack or the connected data sources are required. A matching data provider is a part of the Layer2 Enterprise Edition. To learn more how to connect Slack with a system like SharePoint, visit the following link: Slack data integration

More new connectivity solutions released in November 2018

Slack is just one of the many new options provided by Layer2. We are also announcing the availablilty of solutions like PayPal, SurveyMonkey, SuiteCRM, and Shopify. Find all new solutions here in this list: New Layer2 Solutions.