31 January 2016

The Layer2 Cloud Connector now connects 100+ enterprise systems codelessly

31 January 2016
The Layer2 Cloud Connector now connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics AX with Office 365, SharePoint, SQL and 100+ more enterprise systems and apps codelessly.

While Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online are offering great collaboration features on-demand at an attractive price-point, they often create new data islands in the cloud that are difficult to integrate with the existing enterprise IT infrastructure and applications, like ERP or CRM. To release the potential benefits of the new services, data integration should be on the agenda of any cloud migration project.

Synchronization of Microsoft Dynamics with Office 365

Quickly integrate and synchronize Dynamics CRM/NAV/AX data

The Layer2 Cloud Connector seamlessly connects pre-selected data entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics AX with 100+ external systems and services like Office 365, or SharePoint based on data synchronization using the Dynamics OData API. Local ERP/CRM installations are supported as well as cloud-based. There is no need to apply programming, to modify the connected systems in any way, or to open the corporate network for access from the Internet.

Easy to setup – no need for complex integration projects

The Layer2 Cloud Connector runs as a Windows Service on a Windows server or client in the local network or in the Azure Cloud. Users can centrally manage and configure their connections with the help of the Layer2 Cloud Connector Connection Manager. Simple connection strings and OData queries address and authenticate a specific data entity at the ERP/CRM source or target system with flexible options for data sync. Wizards are simplifying the data mapping and automation process. The connector reduces the dependency on corporate IT and directly empowers departmental subject matter experts to get things done faster, with significantly reduced complexity, risks, and costs.

Pre-selected contacts, sales campaigns and leads, orders as well as invoices from the ERP/CRM systems can be shared with your suppliers or other trading partners via the Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint collaboration platform. They do not need to have access to your backend systems. Office 365 users can access the integrated data at any time from everywhere using their mobile devices”, Frank Daske, Product Manager at Layer2 explains the benefits of the data synchronization approach. “Dynamics and Office 365 are just examples – you can directly connect and sync more than 100 corporate data sources. It’s not only about the Microsoft stack, Google, Amazon, Oracle or IBM apps are supported as well.

Free download after registration

Prospects can download the Layer2 Cloud Connector after registration as a completely free Shareware Edition on the vendor’s homepage and license, if required. Regional Layer2 partners are ready to support the evaluation process.