18 February 2019

“IT Administrator” tested the Layer2 Cloud Connector and confirms its easy handling for data integration and data synchronization.

18 February 2019
The article “Universaladapter – Layer2 Cloud Connector 8.1.” was published in the February edition of the magazine in German language and is written by Dr. Christian Knermann.

The author Dr. Christian Knermann tested the functionality and the features of the Layer2 Cloud Connector by connecting different data sources such as SQL databases, Excel, Active Directory, and CVS to Microsoft SharePoint Online with the included data provider. As a result, he confirms the easy handling of the Layer2 Cloud Connector and is impressed by the variety of supported use cases. He recommends using the Layer2 Cloud Connector for scenarios where on-premise data is supposed to be synchronized to cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Learn more about the 100+ apps and systems the Layer2 Cloud Connector is supporting on our solutions page.

You can buy the whole article in German language named “Universaladapter – Layer2 Cloud Connector 8.1” in the IT Adminstrator (2019), No. 2, pages 24-28; Munich: Heinemann Verlag GmbH, 2019; ISSN 1614-2888
here: https://shop.heinemann-verlag.de/it-administrator/einzelhefte/