Microsoft Office 365 Backup

There are many reasons to keep a local copy of your documents and other data hosted in the Microsoft Cloud of Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Office Groups, and Microsoft Teams. It's not only about disaster recovery (DR), in many cases it's simply about compliance. The Layer2 Cloud Connector can help to keep local or cloud-based copies of your items and documents connected to the Microsoft Cloud. You can make use of your existing backup tools or even Windows OS features to be on the safe side in any case.



Features and benefits

Backup your SharePoint Document Libraries

A Windows Service can keep a local or Azure-based file share connected to your SharePoint Document libraries, such as used in Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Office Groups, or Microsoft Teams. Only changes are transferred one-way, scheduled, depending on settings. PowerShell can be used for provisioning and automation. You can use the backup tools of your choice to keep document versions, or even use the Windows File History for this. To restore, simply drag the documents back to the library, or change the direction of sync.

Backup your SharePoint Lists

The Layer2 Cloud Connector can be used to connect Microsoft SharePoint Lists to almost any SQL database, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM Db2, IBM Informix, and others. Local or cloud-based databases supported. Even Microsoft Office tools like Access can be used. You can simply setup a one-way connection for backup. Connections can be created by PowerShell. Make use of your existing backup tools to keep a copy of the database as usual. To restore items, simply switch the direction of the sync.

How it works

Take a look at the screens below to get an impression.

Screenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager with a connection sample.
Screenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager while entering a connection string.
Acreenshot of Layer2 Cloud Connector connection manager view when all fields are filled.
Screenshot of mapping sample in Layer2 Layer2 Cloud Connector Mappings.
Screenshot of sample logs in Layer2 Cloud Connector.

What you need

You can make use of the Layer2 Cloud Connector to keep a local or cloud-based backup of your data and documents in the Microsoft Cloud.



Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference to competitors?

The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a universal tool for data and files. It can be used for many things, such as migration, integration, synchronization between 100+ IT systems and apps. Backup is just one specific use case. Learn more here.


Do I have to create all connections manually?

You can create, duplicate, and adapt your backup connections in the Connection Manager UI, or alternatively, you can create the XML-based connection files automatically via PowerShell, for example for all sites of a specific site collection. Please find best practices and examples here.


What about security?

The backup is triggered from a Windows Service in your internal network or cloud with direct connections between data sources and destinations. It uses SSL/HTTPS to encrypt the data transfer between the end points. No changes in the connected systems. No 3rd party or cloud involved. The connector is using strong encryption (FIPS compatible) as required for our US government and defense clients.


Are there any hidden costs?

No, you can backup a virtually unlimited number of connections and items (depending on your configuration and product edition). There are no data-volume related costs.

I don't want a cloud-based backup service for compliance reasons

While there are many vendors on the market offering cloud-based backup services, there are good reasons to favor a local backup under the full control of the customer. In many cases, 3rd party services do not follow corporate compliance rules, when storing documents at a 3rd party site for backup.


What about backup to my own cloud?

The backup needs a Windows Server to run at. Windows VMs in your own Microsoft Azure cloud (or even other clouds) are fully supported. This means you don't need a local file server or NAS to backup. Alternatively, you can run the backup locally to your own connected Azure File Storage.

What clients say

I am thoroughly impressed with your Cloud Connector software. It is an excellent concept, has extremely comprehensive functionality and is easy to configure.
Brent Seeney, ROI Technologies
The Layer2 Cloud Connector works as advertised and fit very well with my customer’s needs. It was easy to install and configure and the support was responsive and on the mark.
Tim Schwartz, President, ProNet Solutions Group, LLC
We really like the ease of use to synchronize SQL Server data and Office365 through the DMZ. It makes it easy to display ERP system data in the cloud and prepares the way for products like Microsoft Power BI Dashboards and Charts in SharePoint.
Levi Lohnes, Buchanan & Edwards
​​Acrowire has highly improved Sunoco’s contract management in SharePoint Online by integrating data from an on-premises Oracle database system via Layer2 Cloud Connector.
Brian Gough, Solutions Architect, acrowire
We have used the Layer2 Cloud Connector and it has really impressed the team at MindPoint. We are keen to use this product in our customer solutions.
Jason Firth, Managing Director, MindPoint
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a flexible tool which enables us to be responsive to the demands and requirements of our customers.  With Layer2 we are able to develop powerful SharePoint business solutions in a fast, efficient and productive manner.
Barry German, Technical Director, Frontline
The Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint Online will allow BTL to take an innovative and market leading solution to our customers. It opens new doors to the situations that Office 365 can be effectively deployed in to.
Phil Evans, Operations Director, BTL Communication
El Cloud Connector está basado ​​en el Marco de Microsoft NET, especialmente diseñado para funcionar con la tecnología de SharePoint y para integrar con fluidez en la interfaz de usuario.
Angel Aranda, Inforges
Cloud connector for Office 365 and SharePoint is an easy to install, no coding required, highly effective solution enabling a stable synchronization between ERP data and SharePoint heightening productivity in our development.
Jiha Yi, Marketing Manager,Feelanet Co., Ltd.
Einfachheit in der Handhabung und Zuverlässigkeit im Betrieb zeichnen den Cloud Connector for Sharepoint and Office365 aus. Darum nutzen wir Cloud Connector von Layer2 nicht nur selbst, sondern empfehlen ihn auch unseren Kunden.
Franziska Peier, PMI.AG
Layer2 Cloud Connector is simple to set up, very stable and gives us the necessary connection between our local data and SharePoint Online.
Terje Haug, Serit IT Partner
With the Layer2 Cloud Connector we were able to build a very reliable cloud connector for our Cadac Organice Manufacturing Portal, enabling us to publish CAD and PDM data from Vault and ERP to a hosted SharePoint solution. Choosing Layer2 over developing our own integration was an absolute no-brainer given the robustness of the Layer2 solution.
Paul Smeets, Cadac Group Services BV
The Layer2 Cloud Connector and Business Data List Connector helps our clients in unifying their platforms without excessive investments and get the best out of SharePoint, on-premise and online.
Han Beusker, 4i Solutions
​​Layer2 Sharepoint Connector allows our customers to integrate the Sharepoint environment with different data sources. It is particularly appreciated the feature that allows the integration with the file system.
Jessica Prearo, Pentalab Srl.
Il Cloud Connector di Layer2 è parte integrante nei nostri progetti, per una più facile, più veloce e più sicuro, non è possibile creare una connessione da SharePoint elenca ad altri database!
Paolo De Angeli - Senior Developer CloudSolutions365
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is the best integration software for local SharePoint Server and also SharePoint Online and Office 365.
Kai Halonen, Pilvilampi Software Oy
Immer wenn wir bei unseren Kunden SharePoint mit externen Datenquellen verbinden wollen, leistet uns der Layer2 Cloud Connector die entscheidende Unterstützung um schnell und auch kosteneffizient ans Ziel zu kommen.
Thomas Lindner, Geschäftsführer, elbmind GmbH
Mit dem Layer2 Cloud Connector bilden wir erfolgreich diverse Integrationsszenarien ab. Vom Import von MS CRM Daten in den SharePoint bis zu zyklischen Synchronisationen mit Access-Datenbanken konnten die Kundenanforderungen gut umgesetzt werden.
Sebastian Schmidt, ascendit GmbH
We are very excited about the features and flexibility that Cloud Connector provides to our customers, it synchronizes data easy and comfortable.
Michael Trankjær, IT Eksperten ApS
The Cloud Connector has provided us with a robust and code-free mechanism to seamlessly integrate SAP BW, SAP ERP, SQL Server and SharePoint applications.
Rodolfo Bermúdez, Consulting Manager, Intellego

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