14 December 2020

Backup for Microsoft Teams - quick and easy

14 December 2020
Read more about how to back up your Microsoft Teams data and ensure the business continuity with the Layer2 Cloud Connector.

Create your own backup for Microsoft Teams

Many companies rely on Microsoft Teams for digital collaboration. Easy communication via chat and video, fast file exchange and document collaboration ensures that more and more files that are important for the success of the company are stored in the cloud. As a result, the question of a backup solution for the administration of the Microsoft 365 environment is becoming increasingly important.

Cloud storage does not literally mean backup

The argument against using cloud services was often the  lack of an integrated backup solution. We are now seeing that a Teams file, OneDrive or Exchange backup is becoming increasingly important. Also many companies are not aware that as users of Microsoft Cloud Services the are responsible themselves for an adequate data protection and that the cloud storage itself doesn't mean "backup". Read the Microsoft white paper on Shared Responsibility for Cloud Computing.

Business Continuity - but how?

To guarantee business continuity it is imperative to design backup solutions for all communication and work you keep in your cloud service.

  • Use the native options such as the recycle bin and version management. 
  • Use a separate backup solution for local on-premises systems and cloud data. Please note: The use of different solutions causes a higher administration effort. 
  • Load local data into the cloud, such as Azure storage or backup, and integrate it into a cloud-based solution.
  • Backup on-premises data and systems locally, synchronize cloud data to a file server and integrate with the local backup solution. 
  • Integrate cloud data from Microsoft teams into your local backup solution.

MicrosoftTeams-Backup Graphic

Read the full article and find out how we ensure our business continuity with the Layer2 Cloud Connector.

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