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Layer2 Solutions is one of the leading providers of apps for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Document Synchronization, Knowledge Management, and Cloud Computing.

You will find solutions for General Data Integration, Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online Data Integration, File Migration, Backup, and Synchronization below. SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 on-premises is also supported for External Data Integration and Knowledge Management.

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Data Integration & Synchronization - Finder

Connect 100+ systems and apps with each other in just minutes to keep pre-selected data in sync. SQL, ERP, CRM, Office 365, SharePoint, Azure: They are all supported via ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET, XML, OData, SOAP, CSOM and more. Integrate your enterprise now.

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SharePoint On-Premises Data Integration - Finder

Highly increase your SharePoint end-user acceptance and benefits with external data integration. Layer2 can close many well-known gaps of BCS and provides ALL the great SharePoint list features for 100+ external data sources - without any restrictions.

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Office 365 Data Integration

Integrate your Office 365, SharePoint Online, Dynamics, Teams, Groups, and other Microsoft services with external local and cloud-based data sources one-way for migration or backup, or even two-way for permanent data and document synchronization. You don't have to modify the connected systems, no need to open your network. You are just a few clicks away to find a solution.


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Office 365 Document Synchronization

While the Microsoft OneDrive for Business client does the job for end-users, in many cases you will need a more reliable, centrally managed service that can keep your local department network file shares, user home drives, or NAS in sync with Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams, Groups, or Azure: Go beyond the 5.000 items limitations with Layer2. Try advanced features, such as SQL-like file queries and business logic in C#.

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Microsoft Cloud Data & File Migration

Migration is your first step into the Cloud. You will need a migration plan - and a proven tool that offers all features you need: Include and exclude files by path, name, size, age. High transfer speed, flexible authentication, business logic in C# to cleanup, translate, transform your data, add meta data, if required. Try it out!


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Microsoft Cloud Document Backup

There are good reasons to own a copy of your cloud-based documents locally: You can easily restore single files or whole directories, make use of the Windows File History to keep older versions. In many cases it's not only an option:  it's simply a matter of compliance. You can backup to a local NAS as well as to your own Azure.


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Knowledge Management with SharePoint

Managed metadata is the key to success with SharePoint Knowledge Management. Our tools guide you step-by-step: Create and manage your taxonomies, add content classification rules, assign managed metadata automatically via bulk-tagging or in real-time, benefit with additional navigations like subject index, glossary, or related content as known from B2C, such as

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Azure Data Integration and File Sync

Microsoft Azure can really help to create more flexible and more scalable business processes via Flow, or Azure Logic Apps. But how to connect the legacy IT backend systems, such as SQL databases, ERP, or CRM? It's easy with Layer2: A Windows Service notifies your Azure Cloud about any data changes to keep data and files connected and in sync with your apps, local and cloud-based ones.

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