Layer2 Solutions

Layer2 Solutions is one of the leading providers of apps for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Document Synchronization, Knowledge Management, and Cloud Computing.

You will find solutions for General Data Integration, Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online Data Integration, File Migration, Backup, and Synchronization below. SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 on-premises is also supported for External Data Integration.

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Data Integration & Synchronization

Connect 100+ systems and apps with each other in just minutes to keep pre-selected data in sync. SQL, ERP, CRM, Office 365, SharePoint, Azure.

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SharePoint On-Premises Data Integration

Increase your SharePoint end-user acceptance and benefits with external data integration.

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Office 365 Data Integration

Integrate Office 365, SharePoint Online, Dynamics, Teams, Groups, and other Microsoft services. Connect with external, local and cloud-based data sources. One-way for migration or even two-way for permanent data and document synchronization.

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Azure Data Integration and File Sync

More flexible and more scalable business processes via Flow, or Azure Logic Apps. A Windows Service notifies your Azure Cloud about any data changes to keep data and files connected and in sync with your apps, local and cloud-based ones.

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Microsoft Cloud Document Backup

Restore easily single files or whole directories and make use of the Windows File History. You can backup to a local NAS as well as to your own Azure.


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Office 365 Document Synchronization

Find your solution for a reliable, centrally managed service that keeps your local department network file shares, user home drives, or NAS in sync.

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Microsoft Cloud Data & File Migration

Include and exclude files by path, name, size, or age. High transfer speed, flexible authentication, business logic in C# to cleanup, translate, transform your data, add meta data, if required.