Google Apps Data Integration

Google apps can be connected to many other systems and services such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, SQL, ERP, CRM, and 100+ more via the Layer2 Cloud Connector. The connector keeps pre-selected data sets in sync. Please find connectivity settings, best-practices, known issues, and workarounds to integrate and sync data with Google apps like spreadsheets, contacts, or calendars below.

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Gmail Integration

Integrate Google Gmail with 100+ IT systems and apps. Gmail → 100+


Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics data can be integrated with SharePoint, Office 356, and more. Analytics → 100+


Google BigQuery integration

Integrate Google BigQuery data with 100+ IT systems and apps like SharePoint and Office 365. BigQuery → 100+


Google BigQuery via Simba OBDC

Data integration of Google BigQuery via Simba ODBC Provider


Google Calendar integration

Integrate Google Calendar with 100+ IT systems like SharePoint and Office 365. Calendar ⇆ 100+


Google Contacts integration

Integrate Google Contacts with 100+ IT systems like SharePoint and Office 365. Contacts ⇆ 100+


Google Drive

Dokuments shared on Google Drive can be kept in sync with Office 365 and others via Layer2.

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Google Search integration

Google Search data can be integrated with 100+ systems and apps. Google Search → 100+


Google Sheets integration

Integrate Google Sheets with 100+ IT systems and apps. Sheets ⇆ 100+

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