Google Apps Data Integration

Google apps can be connected to many other systems and services such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, SQL, ERP, CRM, and 100+ more via the Layer2 Cloud Connector. The connector keeps pre-selected data sets in sync. Please find connectivity settings, best-practices, known issues, and workarounds to integrate and sync data with Google apps like spreadsheets, contacts, or calendars below.

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Gmail integration

Gmail data can be integrated now with 100+ systems and apps. Gmail → 100+


Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics data can be integrated now with 100+ systems and apps. Google Analytics → 100+


Google BigQuery integration

Integrate Google BigQuery data with 100+ IT systems and apps like SharePoint and Office 365. BigQuery → 100+


Google BigQuery via Simba OBDC

Data integration of Google BigQuery via Simba ODBC Provider


Google Calendar integration

Integrate Google Calendar with 100+ IT systems like SharePoint and Office 365. Calendar ⇆ 100+


Google Contacts integration

Integrate Google Contacts with 100+ IT systems like SharePoint and Office 365. Contacts ⇆ 100+


Google Drive

Google Drive data can be integrated with 100+ IT systems and apps. Google Drive ⇆ 100+

logo google search

Google Search integration

Google Search data can be integrated with 100+ systems and apps. Google Search → 100+


Google Sheets integration

Integrate Google Sheets with 100+ IT systems and apps. Sheets ⇆ 100+

Layer2's Cloud Connector makes it easier to publish information to SharePoint with ease in Office 365 environment. Making all the employees work fast and efficient.
Patryk Krajewski, Online Sales Rep., P80 Net Works Inc.
Layer2 provides great utilities for setting up data integration. We have customers linking our SharePoint HR portal, CRM and other modules with existing systems like Quicken, Salesforce, Microsoft GP and other leading applications.
Darrell Trimble, SP Marketplace
I am thoroughly impressed with your Cloud Connector software. It is an excellent concept, has extremely comprehensive functionality and is easy to configure.
Brent Seeney, ROI Technologies
The Layer2 Cloud Connector works as advertised and fit very well with my customer’s needs. It was easy to install and configure and the support was responsive and on the mark.
Tim Schwartz, President, ProNet Solutions Group, LLC
​​Acrowire has highly improved Sunoco’s contract management in SharePoint Online by integrating data from an on-premises Oracle database system via Layer2 Cloud Connector.
Brian Gough, Solutions Architect, acrowire
We have used the Layer2 Cloud Connector and it has really impressed the team at MindPoint. We are keen to use this product in our customer solutions.
Jason Firth, Managing Director, MindPoint
The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a flexible tool which enables us to be responsive to the demands and requirements of our customers.  With Layer2 we are able to develop powerful SharePoint business solutions in a fast, efficient and productive manner.
Barry German, Technical Director, Frontline

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